Hello all

Get out your tissues folks and shed some tears for us  today, for this is our last full day here at The Hunter Valley. Okay so you can find better reasons to cry than our holiday coming to an end? No matter, we are feeling sad and that’s all that matters at the moment.

We have made the most of this last day of our holiday. To celebrate it we purposely went and visited a SECOND winery! Geoff would have visited a lot more wineries given the chance but my heart was not in it and there was so many other things to do that the ‘wine-tasting’ option got put on the back burner.

The things you see when you are out and about!

The things you see when you are out and about!

However, this morning we hit the jackpot. An old couple we met here told us to visit Audrey Wilkinson Winery as the view from there was amazing and the wine was nice. But, they failed to tell us how interesting the history of this winery was, going back to 1869 when Frederick Wilkinson came out from England with his family and planted vines on this very property that we visited.

Oh, we spent an hour going through the museum on the property and reading such fascinating history that we couldn’t wait to taste the heritage wines that had been made here since that year. Now, there’s a good way of getting history buffs like Geoff and me interesting in wine-tasting!

There is so much more I could tell you about Audrey who died in 1962 but you’ll have to go there yourselves to see the amazing view and chat to Janice (our wine expert) who practised her French on us constantly – not that we understood any of it – and just delighted us no end.

What a wonderful visit. Two hours later (yes, with some beautiful wine also) we left and headed for the small historic town of Woolombi 30ks away (as recommended by Janice who knows everything). Another jackpot here! After chatting to Arthur, a chap who runs a motor cycle riding experience visiting wineries amongst other things, gave us the history of Woolombi.

We stopped for lunch at the pub and I wrote this in my Travel Journal:

Friday 3rd May 2013

I saw a bikie here at Woolombi eating a banana. Not something I associate with bikies really. However, thee bikie here at the Tavern are not of the same elk as your average leather=clad gang style bikie. These fellows are you every day bike=loving men, who obviously belong to a bike club that goes riding on Fridays.

They have stopped for lunch at the Woolombi Tavern  and there bikes are lined up all along the front of the Tavern while they eat huge meals they keep coming out of the Tavern kitchen. Time for us to have some lunch here on the strength of what we have seen.

We are now eating a hamburger so huge we could easily have shared the thing between the two of us! What is it with these country people? They love feeding people. And so as we dig into our Woolombi Whopper, we are already – in our minds – cancelling dinner for the night!”

As I write this, we have already half packed up ready for an early get-away in the morning. I cannot believe our holiday is almost over. We will be home on Sunday … taking our time along the autumn trial. I must apologise for the lack of photos today but the internet has given up and will not upload. Oh, I miss my home computer and internet!

So, I am off before this internet stick decides not to work. Forgive me any errors dear friends!

Until tommorrow.