Hello all

Yesterday – on Day Three – we slept in after our hectic two days travelling down the New England Highway in this Great South Land of Australia. How nice it was not to have to get up and go, go, go! Geoff has been recovering from the flu so he was glad of a sleep-in.

The lovely drive to Cessnock

The lovely drive to Cessnock

We did take a leisurely drive to the nearest town of Cessnock, about 10 ks away, for a few groceries as we have a kitchenette here which we would like to use. When we saw the prices of meals at the Resort Restaurant (and at the wineries), we were only too happy to go out and buy food to cook for ourselves!

So dear friends, it is easier for me to share some of my Travel Journal. You do realise I write it when we are travelling about … and at the end of the day? I simply cannot help myself. I love to look back and read about our adventures. It is amazing how much of it you forget until you get out the diaries … and revel in what you have done. 

Sunday 28th April 2013  Day Three

As we drive along, we are amazed at the back-to-back vineyards here! We’re not sure if we really want to visit too many … and which ones would you visit anyway? It’s strange, but 15 years ago when we visited the McLarenvale wine growing area in Adelaide, we loved visiting cellar doors and we bought loads of wine, adding even more as we travelled home through different states.


Yesterday’s lovely sunset

Now, we simply can’t be bothered. There are other things to do in this area though. In fact, I’d prefer a nice pot of tea and some home-baked goodies! Is this a sign of old age? This is not an area to stay for a week if you don’t like to ‘try and buy’ wine. Oh well, we’ll visit a few at least. It would be a waste not to try. I am sure we will love it when we get started. Every cellar door is always different.

Do you love watching sunsets? Well, this is the place for YOU! Throw in a lake, ducks, reeds with mountains in the background as well as vineyards. What an experience!

Monday 29th April 2013   Day Four

Geoff and I are beginning to fit in really well here. As we travel around the countryside, chatting to people we come across. Take Mitchell for instance. He is a waiter at a Restaurant “Tempus Two” which has a cellar door here as well. We asked him about the deciduous grape-vine growing all along an outdoor eating area. He had no idea about it but he did notice the leaves changing to autumn tones two weeks ago.

The thing was, he had oodles of time to stop cleaning tables and spend time chatting to us in the autumn sunshine. How many waiters would enjoy such luxury at 11.30am whilst waiting for guests to arrive? Ten minutes later – without buying one single thing – we were off. We did however, visit the Smelly Cheese Shop (that had NO smell) and discover their fabulous gelato. Hmmn … raspberry gelato full of real pieces of raspberries … to die for. I’ll be back again for another flavour tomorrow.P1020154

And so Day Four is coming to an end. It’s been another great day filled with adventure and meeting people. It ended in a blaze of glory with a sunset that went on and on while we chatted to a couple in a unit nearby. Every now and again, as we talked, one or other would point out the changing sunset over the lake and cry “Oh, look at that …. “ until finally it was dark and the midges were biting us so badly we had to say good-bye!

Which is the perfect note to end my blog for the day. Geoff is off cooking our meat on the BBQ. After tea, we will put some Lavender Spa Salts, which we bought today, in our Spa Bath. We will sink back into the luxury of the bath with a deep sigh, as relaxation takes us to a lovely place; a place where one needs to go after a busy day.

Oh what a life …