Geoff talks to a horse at the Tenterfield park where he had his reward for having a good attitude!

Hello all

What a day it has been! We have finally arrived in Armidale late today on the first leg of our adventure. Geoff and I decided that we would call this adventure, The Autumn Leaves Road Trip as we are combining our week in the Hunter Valley with capturing some photos of the autumn leaves throughout the Armidale area.

So far so good folks! Let’s just say we have not been disappointed.

Now, as we are settled into our Motel, and before we go off to a pub to have dinner, I want to share with you the snippet I wrote in my Travel Journal as we travelled the New England Highway.

11.30am on Friday 26th April 2013

The strains of the Bridal Waltz rings out in the car as we leave Warwick heading for Stanthorpe and drive along the rocky bitumen road. Too much rain has damaged the surface but we soldier on in good spirits.

An unexpected lovely lunch of toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwiches with a nice coffee, at McCafe has satisfied the intense hunger we were feeling, far too early to make sense really. Perhaps it was the early morning start and the rushing around that did it? Aahh … it’s so good to be on the road!

More autumn leaves

More autumn leaves

1.10 pm

Back on the road after an autumn leaves photo opportunity and comfort stop in Tenterfield. Only 300 ks left to go. Funny thing was, I reminded Geoff 15 minutes beforehand to have a good attitude when a petrol station attendant refused to let him use the toilet without buying something.

Not impressed, Geoff left in a huff! After I told him to have a good attitude and then ‘good things’ would come back to him, he nodded … with a sense of resignation; but what a reward he got when we reached Tenterfield Park toilet stop and were surrounded by the most spectacular autumn trees you could hope to see. Lots of photos followed.

2.30 pm  Glenn Innis Park

A stop for afternoon tea at a large park full of autumn trees growing along a little creek which meandered through the park  did not disappoint. See, it just keeps getting better…


Oh well folks, that’s it for Day One: more adventures tomorrow in Armidale which is full of colour, just as we hoped it would be.

Glenn Innis park

Glenn Innis park