Hello all

Do you ever have one of those days when too much deep and meaningful discussion or reading leads you to want a little levity? This is how I feel today after my Book Club meeting this morning.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful morning of discussion and I loved it; there is no complaint on that score, but the book dealt with gruesome tales from Poland during World War II when the Jews were being annihilated in that country by the Nazis. The book was:  The Zookeepers Wife by Diane Ackerman. Read it if you get the chance, it is well worth it.

However, it did leave me not wanting to continue writing the more in-depth topic I had started yesterday … but don’t despair folks, it will keep until tomorrow! For today, I want to share a series of pictures I have been saving because I loved them. They appealed to the ‘creative ME’ who just loves anything that makes me smile … or go “aaah.”

Also, I have been inspired in the past by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) – you will find out why in due course folks – but in the meantime, the website 10-gaudi-buildings-barcelona is a good site to visit to get a feel for Gaudi’s many creations in Barcelona, but first a little about the man’s work:

“His unique approach to the Art Nouveau movement generated some of the most creative buildings you will see in this Spanish region known as Cataluña.  Even if you don’t know anything about architecture or Gaudí, when you walk the streets of Barcelona you will intuitively be able to identify a Gaudí building –they are unmistakable.”

Oh yes indeed! So, to begin our Gaudi journey, let us look at this picture below which inspired my post today because it mentioned that this amazing photo is “reminiscent of Gaudi’s organic architecture.”


In this beautiful photograph by Greien218 on Reddit, we see snowdrift against his fence taking on an artistic form, reminiscent of Gaudi’s organic architecture.

This was what his fence looked like in the morning after a snowy night in Terschelling, the Netherlands. For a larger version, see here, where you can really appreciate the detail of the wind-shaped snowdrift.” (www.facebook.com/TwistedSifter for more amazing pictures)

gaudi in spain

Don’t you love this? I simply had to put a picture of Gaudi ‘Sagrada Familia’ here because of the comparison above with Gaudi’s works in the snowdrift picture above.

I never visited the Sagrada Familia church personally, but I did see it from the window of our hotel when Geoff and I stayed overnight in Barcelona. A monstrous storm arrived and stopped us getting there … much to our regret. Since that visit (2008) I have found out more about Gaudi and his architecture and have come to appreciate his work which  was thought to be grotesque at the time, but is now hailed as ground breaking.

“The Sagrada Familia today is a Roman Catholic church and is considered Gaudí’s magnum opus. Gaudí never finished construction on the Sagrada Familia; he died in 1926, when less than a quarter of the project was complete.”

casa batlo - gaudi 2

Geoff and I also saw this Gaudi building when we finally got out of our Hotel after the storm. We took the Metro into Catalonia and as we walked, we saw it from across the main street, but as it was dark and still raining, we only viewed it from afar.

Would you believe when we went to take photos, my SD card was full? I managed to delete a photo and get one shot. Later when I learned more about Gaudi, I was so angry with myself for not making the effort. To think: just a road between us and the building and we did not cross over. Regrets? Yes indeed.

Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi

It’s all very well NOW to say that “Gaudí’s work enjoys widespread international appeal”  but this was not the case in the days when he was building these structure. In fact, he was jeered and laughed at during his lifetime but it never stopped him from pressing on. Recognition was slow in coming but it did finally came after his death.

In fact, between 1984 and 2005, seven of his works were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.  What does this say dear friends? Not to give up perhaps? When I watched Gaudi’s life story, I was encouraged to persevere if I was passionate about anything … and to just keep pressing on. No wonder I find his story inspiring! I hope you have too …