2013-04-08 07.28.11

The rainbow beginning to fade taken from St. Edwards car park on my phone.

Hello all

Today I was still a little tired after my busy week last week, but I was determined to go to Mass at 7.30am as I find it a wonderful way to begin my day at least twice a week. I have Geoff to thank for this amazing turn of events as he is working three days a week and I get up to see him off to work … hence my early start.

But today I was rewarded for my determination when I happened unexpectedly upon a rainbow which made my day. Later in the day, I tried to capture it in verse which I want to share with you now:

The early morning was fresh as I drove along the road

                 And there it was: an amazing rainbow spread out before me

In a massive arc from one side of the sky to the other

With colours full of brilliance

          And an intense purple hue in its inner arc

                   It took my breath away!

indexMy spirit leapt to kiss its Promise

As silently it followed me

Turning right … then left

When it would appear again

It would not leave me

I wanted it to give me good news

To whisper to me ever so quietly

Perhaps touch me with a promise of Hope

But it remained silent.

I asked: Lord what is the meaning of the rainbow?

For it seemed to be the bearer of good news

Yet any thought of inspiration eluded me.

But still it followed me … right to the church

The rainbow seemed even larger than before

Its colours fading in intensity

And so I stood alone and soaked it in

Not wanting to miss one single moment of the rainbow’s beauty

… as it quietly faded away

                 On returning home, it was Facebook – often maligned –

which solved the mystery and gave me inspiration:

“Next time a sunrise steals your breath

Or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless,

Remain that way.

Say nothing and listen as heaven whispers,

“Do you like it? I did it just for you.”      (Max Lucado)

‘Take a good look at God’s wonders— they’ll take your breath away.’ 

(Psalm 66:5 The Message)

At last, the rainbow had spoken to me

It was as if  God whispered:

“I did it just for YOU …”

And that was enough.