Odan, a fantasy city

Odan, a fantasy city made of LEGO

Hello all

I have read in so many places that it is good to let children get bored as it encourages creativity and dreaming, however, we are forever finding things for them to do to keep them occupied. We have to stop this sort of thing and give them time to come up with their own ideas. As children, the six of us were always full of creativity.

I have found that my granddaughters are amazing in this area also. They constantly think of creative and interesting things to do. They never cease to surprise me with their ingenuity! They particularly love building with LEGO, which just goes to show that it is isn’t just boys who enjoy building with these wonderful little blocks.

We once took our children into a city department store to see a display of a giant Lego city which was touring the country and built by the Lego experts from Denmark. It was wonderful folks and I have never forgotten it.  However, nothing prepared me for the amazing photo I saw this morning of a Lego creation of a fantasy world which Mike Doyle created and photographed.

“At over five feet tall and six feet wide, Mike Doyle’s Odan is an incredible fantasy world built from over 200,000 LEGO pieces. It took over 600 hours to build.  Entitled, ‘The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al Yne, Odan‘, it represents Doyle’s first work in his ambitious Contact series of large-scale LEGO sculptures.” twistedsifter.com/lego-builder-creates-200000-piece-fantasy-world/

So Doyle plans to make available prints and D-I-Y building kits to sell to the public. The thing is, he has a fantasy story to go with this whole project and it sounds fascinating. What child will not want to have one of these kits? When I saw it, even I wanted to attempt to build something like this.

A close up of Odan

A close up of Odan

It reminded me of the time I sat down with my son (aged 9 yrs) to help him build a model airplane. I was surprised at how much I loved building it! Does creativity run in families? I think I must get it from my builder father who was about as creative as anyone you could ever meet. I remember when he used coloured plastic ice-cream containers cut into Australiana pieces to create a new-look table top for an old table we had at home.

And I’ll never forget the Eiffel Tower he built out of tiny pieces of wood. Oh, I could go on and on … Yes, my father could have created this fantasy city of  ‘Odan’ all on his own with no trouble at all. It is a shame he isn’t alive to see it. I do believe however, that my father’s creativity has been passed on to all of us in the family.

Talking about my father reminds me of a story I read once in the paper about an Australian woman who had a job with Lego in Denmark where she was responsible for creating Lego designs. Yep, that’s all she ever did: she built Lego every day in order to come up with designs (and new blocks) for sale. She said she absolutely adored her job.

Yes, I do think my father would have loved a job like that! Dad, this blog today’s for YOU and all those ‘out there’ who adore creativity and would love to play with Lego everyday …

PS:  I wonder what Lego – which began in 1949 – would make of all this? You know that a global Lego subculture has developed, supporting movies, games, competitions, and six themed amusement parks since Lego was founded. It’s a wonderful success story. wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego