This has been me in the last 24 hours!

Hello all

Okay folks, Easter is over right? Yes, we all know this, but what do you do with all the chocolates and Easter eggs you were given for Easter? You think the celebrating is over? Think again: the celebrating has only just begun!

In fact, I am writing this post to ask for help. I need Chocoholics Anonymous as last night and today I finally succumbed to the lure of  the chocolates I was given on Sunday:  two boxes in my spare fridge, two bunny rabbits in my main fridge, a bundle of chocolates in cellophane in my Rumpus Room and a box of chocolates in my bedroom.

I wasn’t too bad last night, but this afternoon after lunch, I decided to have one tiny Darrell Lea chocolate coated almond and somehow I managed to devour almost the whole packet! Please dial H-E-L-P for me folks. What went wrong? Am I like an alcoholic who has one sip of wine and then loses control? One taste of chocolate and I found my hand compulsively heading into the chocolate almond bag for ‘just one more.’

Therefore, I am declaring here – publicly – of my intentions to try to do something about it. I am normally so disciplined when it comes to eating chocolate that I cannot believe how far ‘This Mighty Warrior’ has fallen.”  I know there were a lot of ‘chocoholic confessions‘ in the Sunday paper from people who had overdone the whole chocolate thing,  so I shouldn’t feel too bad. At least I wasn’t mutilating a chocolate rabbit – one limb at a time – like one woman.

The rabbit was put in the back of the cupboard for her child. This woman began by eating one ear; she went about her business and ten minutes later, she ate a second ear. Thus it went on … one arm … another arm … the head of the rabbit … the bunny tail.  She could stand it no longer and finished the legs off in one foul swoop. Hey Presto, the rabbit had disappeared!

No. I am not that bad … am I? Oh dear, if I limit myself to two pieces of chocolate a day, I should finish the lot by Christmas perhaps? With Geoff’s help, we could make that September I think. Slowly slowly.

Here is another good idea, if I was to melt all the chocolate down, perhaps I could make a giant chocolate train like Andrew Farrugia from Malta did; when he was in Belgium he was inspired to create a giant train with Belgian chocolate. This is what happened:

“(His) edible train model has set a new Guinness World Record the longest chocolate structure in the world. It measures a whopping 34 meters in length and features every detail of a classic steam-powered choo-choo.”  incredibly-detailed-34-meter-long-train-model-is-made-entirely-from-chocolate.html

I wonder if he was tempted to eat any of the chocolate as he was creating it? It took him 784 hours to complete so temptation may have come his way.

If I was Andrew, I don’t think I would ever want to look at a Belgian chocolate ever again, would you? Perhaps therein lies the secret to my cure dear friends?  Perhaps gorging on chocolate is the cure for not wanting to gorge on more chocolate? Does this make sense? Hmmmnn …

In light of this, I think I may finish off that packet of chocolate almonds which is sitting there opened. But then again, an easier method may simply be to look at these pictures when I am tempted to gorge, and cry: “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

And on this note I will leave you to ponder this amazing chocolate train in the pictures below. Enjoy! And don’t get hungry for chocolate while you’re looking either …

Here is the chocolate train in Brussels

Here is the chocolate train in Brussels

Unveiled at the “Brussels Chocolate Week”, in Belgium’s capital city, this tasty masterpiece had everyone drooling. Made of 2,755 pounds (1250 kilos) of the finest Belgian chocolate, donated by chocolate brand Belcolade,


”I had this idea for a while, and I said what do you think if we do this realization of a long chocolate train, you know, because a train you can make it as long as you like,” he told the press.


If you’re wondering about calorie volume, this delicious masterpiece packs a massive 6.5 million calories.