The checkout operator at the supermarket was wonderful. Shame the whiskers are not clearly visible!

The checkout operator at the supermarket was wonderful. Shame the whiskers are not clearly visible!


Hello all

I love the Easter Season. I love the fact that it is a spiritual time for me and my family and we try to observe the ritual of the season. First there is the celebration of Holy Thursday with a mass of the Last Supper where the priest washes the feet of the people.

First comes Holy Thursday - today's feasts

First comes Holy Thursday – today’s feasts

Then comes Good Friday when we are in a more sombre mood and we behold the Cross as it is positioned at the front of the altar so we can kneel in reverence and kiss the wood of the Cross.

Holy Saturday arrives and we find ourselves waiting patiently … for Jesus to rise from the dead. The Resurrection is THE pinnacle of the Christian faith. Without it we have no claim whatsoever that our faith is any different to so many others. So we wait for this moment with a holy waiting.

It is on the next day – Easter Sunday – that we leave our sombre mood behind and celebrate with great joy the fact that Christ is Risen … and all this leads to shopping for the celebration on Easter Sunday.

And so I approached this day in the spirit of the season, by going early in time for the supermarket to open at 8am. Thank God I did for I was leaving when the crowd was only just coming!

Oh, it has been a strange mixed-bag of a day folks. I was shopping and going around aisles, and in between I was texting my daughter-in-law’s sister (who is coming to Easter lunch) about what she can bring for lunch. Just when I decided to phone her as the texting was going round and round in circles, a woman’s voice came over the PA system and I could hear nothing on the other end of the phone.

Isn’t that always the way? You can bet on it: just when you want piece and quiet to avail, someone with an ultra-loud voice booms through the speakers of the supermarket and seems to go on and on.

The pilchards

The pilchards

There is something exciting about shopping for a celebration dear friends. Everyone I came across was so friendly and I had  nice chats with people in the aisles, including the lady who caught me talking aloud to myself about a product I couldn’t  decide upon. We had a good chuckle together before we moved on.

And then I came to the refrigerated section of the supermarket which sells fresh seafood. There were crates of seafood lined up in front of the refrigerated part. The only thing missing was the sea in the background!

Ever the journalist, I got out my mobile phone and began taking photos of the gorgeous looking fish, pilchards, crabs etc. The lady behind the counter was NOT impressed and said: “Are you buying anything at all?” in a tone that was full of accusation that I was up to no good.

Perhaps she thought I was getting prices to take to the opposition? She was gobsmacked when I actually ordered some fish. So much for that. But I knew that it is NOT illegal to take photos if something is on public display so I just smiled sweetly.

Then this oldish man came along and whispered to me as if he was a fellow conspirator: “Shame on the supermarket for taking these crabs off their mothers! They are tiny.” And so a conversation ensued … but he was not finished. Next, he started on about the smallness of the pilchards and said they were not pilchards, they were bait for fishing. We were bosom buddies when he left!

The red emperor fish looked good.

The red emperor fish looked good.

Oh, it was all happening. It turns out that he was a fisherman in a former life and was full of advice for the supermarket. I should have known! But we did have a chuckle to ourselves over the whole affair.

This afternoon, I ducked out to pick out some extra things I had forgotten (don’t you just hate when this happens?) and was served by an older lady in the supermarket dressed like a bunny complete with a tutu, a bob-tail and whiskers painted on her face. She was such a good sport, posing for me and then as I left with my few supplies, she handed me an Easter egg. What a surprise! She has been dressing up for years she told me and decided to add a tutu this year.

And so with Happy Easter ringing in my ears, I headed off to buy a few more Easter eggs to add to my stash. Tonight, I have been off to Holy Thursday Mass, complete with the pomp and ceremony that makes this time of year so special. I have come home floating on clouds … tiredness forgotten as I became a partaker in the Supper that Jesus came to give us. I am content.

Holy Thursday ticked off … only two more days left. See you tomorrow for Good Friday with tales of Easter eggs.