I love this picture I put on my Facebook feed from Twisted Sifter

Hello all

I have been out all day enjoying myself with friends, so I simply wanted to share this glorious photo with you. I found it a couple of days ago on www.facebook.com/TwistedSifter. They often have wonderful photographs from various photographers and there is a link to their website from their FB page if you want to see more.

Why did I love this you might ask? Well, snails are not normally creatures that we love, but this photo with the dew (or rain drops) on what I presume was a lily flower now finished and reflected in the water, simply took my breath away.

It reminded me of the blog I wrote where I issue an apology to the snail community (tessross.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/my-apology-to-the-snail-community) when I realised there was more to these creatures than meets the eye. In light of my epiphany about snails, I wrote these poor creatures an apology to tell them how sorry I was.

This photo simply cements my feelings about this because I realised when I posted this picture, that I now have a soft spot for these little slimy creatures. I am not sure how a snail got to be on a lily pad, but I am guessing that the photographer – Viacheslav Mishchenko – may have placed it there perhaps?

Whichever way it goes, enjoy the picture and if you get a chance, have a read of my snail blog as I think it was funny and informative at the same time.

There is more to snails than you realise so the moral of this story from today’s picture is: