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I wonder how many people have decided on a career move based on a message on a fortune cookie? We all know about those crazy fortune cookies that you get at Chinese Restaurants, don’t we? They often contain very wise sayings.

Well, I heard a discussion with a man on the radio, who left his law studies after a year because he got bored. However, after a few years doing all kinds of things, he couldn’t settle down and was pondering on what to do with his life.

fortune cookieEnter the fortune cookie folks! I can just imagine the scene: a group of friends sitting around the table after having take-away Chinese, when everyone takes a fortune cookie in turn and reads it out loud. The man in question reads his out. It says (and this part is for real:

“You should become a lawyer because you have attention to detail and it will make you very happy”

As he reads it out, he is gobsmacked. The message speaks to him and he thinks perhaps he should go back and finish his degree. When he finally becomes a lawyer he finds that he totally loves this occupation.  Eventually, he became a high-profile lawyer with a well-known legal firm. The fortune cookie advised him rightly!

Practicing law suited his personality and he was as happy as a pig in mud! And then, many years later, he wanted a change in direction but this time, he did not consult a fortune cookie. No, he answered an advertisement to start-up a free legal service for The Salvation Army and so began a sideways career change that he loves even more than his high-flying lifestyle.

He started up ‘Salvos Legal” a revolutionary legal practice that was so simple it was a wonder someone hadn’t thought of the idea before. Luke Geary, the man in question says on Salvos Legal’s website:

“We provide quality commercial and property law advice on a paid basis.  However, all of our fees (less expenses) fund our ‘legal aid’ sister firm, Salvos Legal Humanitarian, which is a full service free law firm for the disadvantaged and marginalised.  Both firms are wholly owned by The Salvation Army.” www.salvoslegal.com.au/

Luke Geary

Luke Geary

So, in plain speak, this means that the paid work done by Salvos Legal pays for the free work for the disadvantaged. What an amazing idea! And the lawyers who work here are not ‘lame ducks’ either folks. They are hand-picked specialists, having worked in national/top-tier firms and/or corporate in-house legal departments.

And to think – as Luke said – if he had not picked out that particular fortune cookie, on that particular night, where would he be NOW? Instead, he is heading an amazing, innovative legal service where he is able to be like Robyn Hood: taking from those who have … to give to those who have not.  Legal-Leaders-Series-luke-geary-salvos says on its website:

“Geary comes across much like the organisation he leads: humble, straight shooting, practical and endlessly passionate about using the law to help the disenfranchised.”

I loved this story so much when I heard it on “Sunday Night” with Jon Cleary on ABC radio that I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.

So folks, just be aware, that sometimes inspiration comes in unlikely ways. We don’t all need a heavenly visitation telling us what to do with our lives or what decision to make. Perhaps a song will speak to us, or we will be inspired by someone else’s story. The trick is, first and foremost, to be open to the possibility of what we can do and hear the message in whichever way we can. Watch and wait and be ready when it comes.

beachMy own epiphany to retire and study editing came early one morning when I was getting out of bed to get ready for work. I’d had enough of my job. I was tired of the stress. My position was about to come to an end and I really wasn’t sure what other positions I really wanted. Weeks passed but there was no enlightenment.

And then it happened: I sat on the edge of my bed and shot off one of my quick prayers heavenwards: “I cannot keep doing this, I want to leave!” And as clear as a bell, a thought formed in my head and whispered ever so low: “Become an editor.”

Just like Luke Geary with his fortune cookie, I KNEW immediately this was exactly what I had always wanted to do as I loved anything to do with writing and books. I had actually looked at this possibility some time ago. Two weeks later I had retired so I could make my dream come true … even if it is taking longer than I would have wished.

Dear friends, be ready to hear the whisper of your heart directing you to what you should do or where you should go. There may be some ‘RIGHT TIMING’ involved so be attuned for this. Perhaps, it means you need to do something else first to prepare you.

But there is somethings that you CAN do: get ready. Be on the lookout. Be still and listen. When the right timing comes, be ready to work really hard, for the light bulb moment will be the easy part. The hard slog is making your dream  become a reality. Good Luck in whatever endeavour you are contemplating!

Now, I must get off this computer and go and finish my Editing assignment to have in the mail by Friday!