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Have you ever noticed when we return from being away and say … usually with a sigh …’ HOME SWEET HOME” a feeling of warmth and comfort wells up within you and you feel safe.That’s because this saying  “Home Sweet Home” is an English IDIOM which basically means it is a form of expression which has a meaning other than its literal one. Now, that’s why you feel all warm and fuzzy when you say it.

(It) implies that one’s home is preferable to all other places. It is often uttered by those people who are returning to their home after a long time away.”

I put a Home Sweet Home sign on my Facebook page this morning because I wanted to express how nice it was to come back home after my holiday. Finding the sign sent me into a quest to find out more about this well-known saying. I was not disappointed.

The iconic phrase actually gets its origins from a ‘wildly popular 1823 song’ written by John Howard Payne, called Home! Sweet Home!. I had no idea that this was so folks, or perhaps over the passage of time I had forgotten this fact.

However, I do remember some words that linger at the back of my memory … with a tune to match;  so perhaps it is has been there all along just waiting to be retrieved! Dig deep for I am sure you will remember these words of which I speak:

“Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home; 

These words by American John Howard Payne and music by Englishman, Henry Rowley Bishop were adapted from Payne’s  1823 opera Clari, Maid of Milan.  Yep, they come from an opera! And the song was even a favourite of Abraham Lincoln who in 1862, requested it for an operatic  performance at the White House. But like a lot of things over time, the words were picked up and appeared in various theatre productions and when silent movies appeared, the song appeared in a 1909 movie. So, HOME SWEET HOME went from the opera to the cinema!

And it went on from there appearing in many movies during the early part of the 20th century. It was Glen Campbell who make it popular again in his 1968 Christmas Album called – would you believe … “There’s No Place Like Home.”  I love this album and play it every Christmas.

Now, I bet none of you knew that the saying HOME SWEET HOME, which also appears everywhere in needlepoint, would have had such a long and interesting history. There is a lot of information online for those who would love to know more:  wikipedia.org/wiki/Home!_Sweet_Home!

Now, it is believed that  John Payne wrote this verse about his own home. I bet he came home from being away touring and he was so delighted to be back in the bosom of his comfortable home that he wrote this song from his heart in an outpouring of emotion. I like to think that was how it happened anyway.  

“The home that Payne wrote of was a little cottage in East Hampton, Long Island.  The song was first heard in London in his play “Clari” in 1823.  The air had appeared in an early collection of Bishop’s as a Sicilian tune.  The theme of the song and the beauty of the melody have given it world-wide fame.”

But there is more folks! Payne wrote quite a few verses but I only remembered the first two. I am so delighted that due to my finding a picture to encapsulate my feeling of coming home after a week away, I also found out so much more about the history of the iconic ‘HOME SWEET HOME’ which has given me a whole new appreciation of it.


HWHOMEHome Sweet Home

Mid Pleasures and palaces though I may roam,

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home;

A charm from the sky seems to hallow us there,

Which, seek thro’ the world, is ne’er met with elsewhere.

Home. Home!  Sweet, sweet home!

There’s no place like  home.

There’s no place like home.

An exile from home, splendor dazzles in vain.

Oh, give me my lowly thatched cottage again;

The birds singing gaily, that come at my call;

Give me them, with that peace of mind, dearer than all.


To thee, I’ll return, overburdened with care,

The heart’s dearest solace will smile on me there.

No more from that cottage again will I roam,

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

 I suppose when all is said and done, the words say a lot about how we feel when we return HOME. I read somewhere that we long to return to our childhood home but if we do return we often find that it is not actually the home we were seeking, but our childhood memories that go with it.

This 19th century American song “Home Sweet Home” has been used in practically every aspect of popular culture since that time. And what about the tapestries bearing this inscription you see in the homes of older folk? It implies that one’s home is preferable to all other places and reminds us of the treasure that we find in our homes. As this ‘wise geek’  site says:

“The implication is that, even if there are other destinations that are worthwhile, they could not possible match up with the pleasures that a person’s home has to offer.”  www.wisegeek.com/what-does-home-sweet-home-mean

I believe it is the comfort and familiarity we feel at HOME folks … the comfort we cannot feel anywhere else. It’s so nice to be HOME!