caravanningHello all

I am feeling sad today. You see, we arrived for our bi-annual holiday at Cabarita Caravan Park on the beach in northern New South Wales. We’re not quite ship-shape yet, but we’re getting there, however, that is not what’s making me feel sad. No. It is the fact that this old but delightful Caravan Park with about 30 residents is closing down folks.

Situated so close to the small township of Cabarita that you can be ‘in town’ in a three-minute walk  and pnly 1 minute walk before you are on a beautiful surf beach. Where are we going to find another place like Cabarita to come and stay?

LifeÕs SurprisesIt is not closing down until the end of June but already, half of the residents have moved away and there are empty places and only a slab where once their vans stood. Our friend Warren who is deaf, has left already and lives in the township in a house his brother brought him. For regular readers of my blog, you will remember Warren and his bird who used to ‘beep’ whenever Warren went out!

Now, no sound of beeping can be heard any longer. Warren and his bird are gone. It seems so quiet now. Between Warren who talks so loud the whole park can hear him, and his bird beeping, life was always full of activity and distraction. How we miss him!

A Canadian lady who lives here for six months of the year and in Canada the other six months, is moving out tomorrow. She is not sure where she will be going next, but will rent an old van here until she finds another place. It’s too cold in Canada at the moment she said.

It will be just another empty space in the caravan park. The park manager Brenda, had been concerned that we wouldn’t come back to say goodbye to everyone, but here we are and she is delighted. It seems we may get another visit in before the place closes for good.

So folks, I will close this blog for the day. The leftovers from last nights tea are heating up in the slow cooker. Yumm … honey mustard chicken with rice and asparagus … is smelling nice. Luckily, Maria, Steve and girls who came for tea last night didn’t eat it all! We were saying farewell to Steve who returns to Timor Leste on Monday to continue working for the Australian Army there.

Now folks, get ready for some short posts as we adjust to life in Cabarita Caravan Park without all its usual charms. No Harry (caretaker) to give us fish, for he died over a year ago now. Still, some things remain the same; Brenda is still here with her rasping English cockney accent bossing everyone around as she does so well … and I am still giving her home-made fruit cake as I do every visit. 

The circle of life goes on. Some things end and others begin. We just have to find another lovely spot to retreat to when life gets too much …