perfect day

Hello all

There must be something wrong with me folks! After three really busy days, I determined to be really quiet today and spend my time recovering from all my activities. I would simply potter and do a bit of housework here and there. Perhaps I would finish reading my Book Club Book, “To Kill a Mockingbird” in time for Wednesday’s meeting even?

Heavens knows, I am only on page 4 and desperate to get it finished … but no, what did I do? When Geoff left for work at 7.30am I became like a mad woman and began to do some in-depth cleaning of my house. Has this ever happened to YOU friends? You go to put on some washing and then discover that some of the clothes hanging on the ‘to be ironed’ line in the laundry do NOT need to be ironed at all.

lady ironing

This woman looks far too happy to be ironing …

Next minute you discover that some of the clothes hanging in the ‘to be ironed’ section are no longer worn by you. In fact, you actively HATE these articles of clothing. And what about the ones that you did not know were even hanging there owing to the great big fat stack of clothes needing to be ironed?

Oh, don’t get me started folks! And so an in-depth culling began to take place and was completed. However, not satisfied with this astounding action on my part (as I avoid this section of my laundry at all costs … perhaps because I avoid ironing at all costs?!) I moved on to something else.

The something else was a matter of putting the Sunday papers in a basket used for this very purpose. What happened next, I blame on the feeling of power that culling the ironing gave me: I began to cull the paper basket! What I found in the deep interior of that basket was nothing short of amazing.

And no, it wasn’t just old Sunday papers either. I found a collection of ‘The Week’ magazines which had been delivered every week until they stopped publication about six months ago. I remembered how much I miss these magazines for all the local and overseas news, politics, human interest stories and every bit of information from here and abroad to interest a curiosity freak such as myself. Oh how I miss you:  ‘The Week!’

Next I found some Australian Geographic magazines. By this time, I felt a cup of tea was in order as I needed to find out if anything of interest was in the magazines and yes, I ended up finding the most wonderful articles. I had to ask myself, “Why exactly did we stop getting these monthly magazines about Australia again … remind me?” I was having a great time reading and longing for more. 

Then I found some craft magazines and I saw some hand-stitched patchwork quilts that I used to make many years ago. My mind went back to the movie that I loved, “How to Make an American Quilt” with Winona Ryder.

I had visions of some of my friends meeting up every other week to hand stitch a quilt just as they did in the movie. But I don’t think I would like the underlying tensions that might arise as they did in American Quilt! No wonder they call them  “Bitch and Stitch” here in Australia. Better forget that idea I thought.

bladerSo now,  all the good magazines are in piles ready to go to another place while old stuff has been thrown away. What an amazing morning it has been. Sorting out these magazines reminded me of why I do not sort out anything that involves reading: because I always end up reading things that I cannot put down, that’s why!

And do you want to know what I found out folks? Of course you do! Lots of interesting things:

  • that ‘STROPPY,‘ a colloquial word used here in Australia, is not being used much any longer; it has been replaced by the word ‘feisty’ which is far too boring. ‘Getting stroppy’ basically means “getting cranky”. It derives from the horse racing industry; we say that a horse is “hitting its straps” meaning ‘getting into full stride’.
  • that a priest named Father John “Tink’ Tinkler served in the Army during the Vietnam War. He was a self-deprecating, rugby-playing knockabout priest who earned loads of respect within the army and is now a Parish Priest in Moama in New South Wales. Oh there was some good tales about this fellow! More on him another time.
  • that a woman (writing in the ‘Catholic Leader‘) has shocked her family and friends by announcing that she will not be seeking to know the sex of her third child which is due in a few months time. Everyone is wanting to weigh into boy or girlthe debate to get her to change her mind but she remains adamant. You see, she found that she wanted “an excellent lesson in developing more patience and trust in God.” There is freedom, she says, in not knowing and letting go of such things as what to paint the nursery. She has a sense of trust “spilling over” and she is content.

You know dear friends, just when you think – after spending three days filled with grandchildren and family – that life couldn’t get any better than this, a quiet day pops up. And it surprises you with stories and encouragement which takes you out of yourself and makes you realise what is happening beyond you in the wider world.

I am so grateful today that I got side-tracked doing in-depth cleaning which led me to learn a whole heap of  things I didn’t know and am now pleased I do … AND it enabled me to do some chores which I have put off for some time now. What a perfect way to spend a Monday!