Madeleine not looking too happy about all the carry-on!

Madeleine not looking too happy about all the carry-on! This sure is an interesting photo …

Hello all

Time for a Baptism update dear friends. It is getting late and a busy three days has caught up with me so I’ll give you a snapshot of our Baptism celebration today at Bethesda Lutheran Church at Beenleigh. Enjoy!

The Baptism:

Yes, it was all about Madeleine’s Baptism today! Now 18 weeks old, there was concern that some screaming might occur, but Maddie delighted everyone, but most of all her mother, by being perfectly behaved throughout the service and the Baptism. She showed some confusion when the water was poured over her head but all in all, Madeleine passed the test just fine. Her two Godmothers stood beside her promising to help her along her Christian journey.

The Baby:

Madeleine had a wonderful time at her Baptism morning tea surrounded by lots of children and babies who were there with their parents helping to celebrate Madeleine’s Big Day. Once home, she changed out of the Baptismal gown – which was made by my mother for my first-born Maria – 40 years ago. Maddie’s daddy also wore it for his Baptism. There was nothing else to do but to change into a pink dress and look delightful for the rest of the day!

The Bonnet

Aaah the bonnet! It had been hidden away somewhere in the house since it was worn by my daughter Maria for her Baptism 40 years ago, so I was delighted when I found it last year and put it aside. Maddie revived the tradition by wearing it … not at the Church … but for the photos once we got home.

Belinda thought Maddie would find the bonnet too much at the church and she was right for it began to annoy her while we were taking photos and before long she was wailing to get that ‘thing’ off her head. She did look cute however. See the photo further down below.

So now, the big day is over and Madeleine Eva has been welcomed into the Christian Family …

Her girl cousins were there to help things along.

Auntie Ria, Uncle Steve, Alice and Violet were there to help things along.



The two Godmothers: from left: Jackie and Angela look the part.


The two Grandmas from left: Pat and Tess enjoying the Baptism



Maddie and the Bonnet (before she cracked up) with Belinda