Picture of the Day on Facebook

Hello all

When I saw this picture on Facebook this afternoon, my mind went back to my granddaughter Alice (11) who says  to me on a regular basis: “Grandma, I love you to the Moon and back.” Do you know how wonderful it is to be so loved folks? What a blessed woman I am!

Violet (6) has also joined in this mantra but she mostly loves hugging me and saying, “Grandma, I love you sooo much!” These two granddaughters came home from cruising with their parents today and it was wonderful to spend time with them as they loved me up after not seeing me for a week.

They provide me with enough love to last between visits but yesterday, I was surprised with love from my new granddaughter Madeleine, now 18 weeks old.

No, of course there was no speech between us but yesterday I discovered what I’ve always known: that you do not need words to have a conversation with a baby. Madeleine and I spent 15 minutes locked into eye contact and ‘talking’ to each other! There was smiles and gurgles (no actual goos as yet though) chortling and hints of laughter.

This is how Madeleine and I bonded yesterday

This is how Madeleine and I bonded yesterday

Madeleine and I had bonded! We were lost in simply being together. It is only when you have eye contact that this actually happens. And did you know that studies show that babies NEED to have this direct eye contact in the very first days with their mothers despite not being able to see clearly at that stage.

It gives them a security that babies who do not have eye contact miss out on apparently. And I found that the eye contact that I had yesterday with Madeleine seemed to affect her too. She knows who I am now. I am a safe place. Not a Mummy. Not a friend. But a special person: I am Grandma!

Luckily Isaac (3) was fast asleep or there might have been a touch of envy from big brother. He is loved so much on both sides of the family, that as Madeleine grows, he is beginning to realise some things such as “Eh? What’s with everyone talking to the baby?” Being the only grandson in the family, I don’t think he will suffer from lack of attention any time soon. To him, I will always be “Grandma Pipi” and I love that too.

So today, I wanted to share my joy of  ‘meeting Madeleine’ eyeball to eyeball with all of you out there. I wanted to share my joy. All this leads me to say with love in my heart for yet another grandchild:

Madeleine, I love you to the Moon and back …