Hello all

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I went out to our local Shopping Plaza to get a few things. I am always attentive to nature around me so as I drove up the road leading to the undercover car park under the centre, my eyes caught sight of a multitude of mushrooms which had popped up after the recent rain.

There were about thirty quite large mushroom nestled under a small palm tree in a narrow garden which was situated between the wall of the shopping complex and the roadway. I had not seen such large edible mushrooms growing wild in a long long time.

They were so unexpected in this retail space, that I was surprised with joy! I wondered to myself what unexpected things might appear for me in the routine of daily chores, just like the mushrooms had come out of the blue and in an unlikely place.

30-thumb-mushroomsjpg-6302f2c4d9e4d9acIn fact, this week has had a number of unexpected delights that came and surprised me unexpectedly with joy. Some were big things that came to me quite easily but others were little things, like my neighbour coming by today with a movie on DVD for me to watch just when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and in need of a quiet day.

The movie, “A Royal Affair” a period piece was just what the doctor ordered. I rested and forgot myself. It was lovely to become engrossed in the lives of Princess Catherine Mathilde of Britain who married the mentally ill King Christian VII of Denmark and lived unhappily ever after … a great story! But there’s much much more to it so if it appeals to you read a good review here: www.thelovelyside.com/caroline-mathilde

Now, all these things ‘popping up’ reminded me of a reading from one of my inspiration books about something unexpected that turned up exactly when needed.

It was the story of  Margaret who, in the Depression, had resorted once again to a dish that became a stable when there was little food. It was a dish of creamed potatoes, stirred up with thick sauce, seasoned with spices , onion and parsley. It led Margaret to pray a prayer:

“Lord, it would be so nice to have ten cents’ worth of baloney to fry – just a taste to spruce up these potatoes.”

Meanwhile, her son Barney was walking home and pondering the Depression when he found a dime hiding in the seam of his pants pocket. Inspiration struck! “That is just enough for baloney,” he thought.

He traded his dime for the meat and hurried home to his Mama’s kitchen. Imagine the surprise that Mama got when her son came in with the baloney … just in time to add it to the creamed potatoes. (Margaret Jensen in “First We have Coffee”)

And sometimes folks, life is like that. A down-to-earth prayer sent up – straight from the heart – becomes reality when someone appears with the very thing we wanted or an offer comes in to help with the very thing we want done. It needn’t be a huge thing at all. Just something really small that comes along unexpectedly and gives us joy.

Friends, don’t wait for big things to happen or for everything to go right, to find joy. Look out for the pockets of mushrooms that pop up in unexpected places … and let them surprise you and fill you with delight.