This was me when I was a girl!

This was me when I was a girl!

Hello dear friends,

Please tell me that I am NOT the only person alive who is inspired by reading cereal boxes? Well any sort of boxes really but cereal boxes are best because one has time while eating the cereal to do the reading.

My mother was forever alerting me to this supposed ‘fault’ because it it would hold me up in the mornings. The Rice Bubble packet had me ‘Snap Crackling and Popping’ all through the day. The Wheat-Bix box had me believing that only Sanatarium was looking after me with their healthy cereal.

In later years, things like the raisin packet provided recipes for biscuits that became a favourite. Because of my natural curiosity about EVERYTHING (this is not a new trait for me folks) I cannot throw a packet away without first reading the wonderful information it may contain that will leave me all the richer for having read it!

180169Today, I was inspired by a Vogel’s Premium Oven Crisp Muesli packetLOW G.I. no doubt … with no artificial colours or flavours either. But this was not what inspired me, rather it was a large feature on the back of the packet with some Feel Good Tips for morning, afternoon and evening. I was surprised by this and of course I had to read them.

I have been eating Dr. Alfred Vogel’s healthy products for over twenty years as he  was “a tireless researcher, a gifted speaker, a world traveller and a person who, like few others before him, understood how Nature works and heals.”

So I knew that this was no mere marketing ploy and for that reason I was impressed by the Tips. If Coco Pops had health tips on their packet, would I be considered foolish for thinking there was a contradiction here? Of course not! Here are the “Feel Good Tips” for the Afternoon. Read and learn:


Make a conscious effort to balance work and play. Find some time during your work day to do some exercise; get outdoors; walk and talk with a friend; eat lunch away from your desk; do some simple stretches; be aware of your posture and sit up straight; take minutes to close your eyes and breathe.

I love it folks! All great things to aspire to and I was so impressed that I had to share them with you all. What better way to teach people than by putting Tips on the cereal box where readers like me will listen and learn.

cereal box readerAnd I discovered in my research that plenty of other people love reading the cereal packets too. I am not alone in this endeavour it seems. One blogger told of how Kellogg’s in the USA are using the back of cereal packets to get children to read more books. The writer explains why they are using the backs of cereal boxes:

“I’ve always been a “cereal box reader” – someone who believes in reading anytime, anyplace, and (almost) anything – including, for example, the back of a cereal box. In fact, growing up, the back of the cereal box or the granola bar box was the thing to read – there were word puzzles and games and trivia, all of which nourished my imagination and got me fueled up for the school day ahead.”

Now, reading this has been me feel so much better about my closet addiction of reading cereal packets or any other kind of packets at any time of the day or night. I can now come clean and admit – like the people at A.A:

“My name is Tess and I am a serial, cereal box readerholic. ”

Perhaps now that I have confessed I can get the help I need …