Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

Hello all

Friends, what is it with people eating popcorn in the movies? It happened a few weeks ago. We were in the cinema about to watch Les Miserables one Saturday afternoon. Geoff was saying how good it was that not many people were in the theatre that day. This made me comment that I was sure there wouldn’t be anyone worrying him with popcorn.

popcorn eatersI said this because Geoff has an aversion to people crunching on super size containers of popcorn all through the movie. It drives him to distraction. As for me, I don’t even hear them … I am more on edge because Geoff is on edge about the popcorn!

So on this particular day, I thought we were safe. But I had spoken too soon. As the movie was about to start and we were comfortably lulled into a false sense of security, a man and woman came to the end of our row hugging a giant box of popcorn.” Oh no!” we said in unison.

At the same time about three rows behind us, a group of younger people appeared loaded up with boxes of popcorn and numerous other goodies. It was obvious they were going to have a great big eating feast throughout the whole of Les Miserables. It was after all, a two and half hour movie they must have reasoned.

And thus the scene was set. The entire cast of Les Miserables was crying and singing their lungs out to the sound of loud crunches, rattling of chip packets and other noises.

A grand live orchestra sitting right in the very last row accompanying all those beautiful songs …

However, the people at the end of the row were wonderful. They ate silently. They made no noises. But … the people up the back continued to crunch, munch, rattle and roll all through Hugh Jackman’s disgrace as a thief, Anne Hathaway death as Fontaine, all through the revolution and right to the very end.

The noises were so bad that even I was forced to cast a glaring look behind us at the noisy people. But did the noise improve? No it did not! Eventually, I blocked it out. Geoff was not so lucky but he did manage to survive.

Perhaps there should be a special category for theatre sound effects at the Academy Awards folks?

The Lover

The Lover

Now today, in fear and trepidation we returned once again to the movies, this time to see Anna Karenina. Immediately we looked around for evidence of popcorn eaters but none were apparent. Again there was a small crowd, but not one popcorn sound effect graced the theatre today. Peace reigned.

And we rejoiced!  The quietness in that theatre was as good as it gets.

And what about the movie? We loved Les Miserables but was Anna Karenina as good? Yes it was.

The movie set in 1875 in Russia was screened in an artistic manner. A grand old story written by Leo Tolstoy. It came complete with amazingly beautiful costumes, several minor love stories as well as Anna’s great love affair and heaped up with a tissue box full of sadness contained within its message. And Keira Knightly? She was wonderful but how can one actress shed so many tears folks?

But then again, we see Anna cheating on her husband, getting pregnant to this man she was madly in love with, running off with him to Moscow and then managing to throw … oh no enough! I couldn’t possible divulge the ending …

You will have to go and see it yourself. It is worth it. Just make sure you have no popcorn munching young people within earshot providing you with sound effects.