I found this on my Facebook news feed today; it spoke to me about studying

Hello all

My Picture of the Day (above) spoke to me today. Perhaps because I found it immediately after I had just completed the assignment of Module 9 of my studies. You cannot get the connection between the picture and my sentiments folks? Let me explain.

Two years ago I began studying (long distance) a Diploma of Publishing and Editing because I did not want to totally retire when I finished working in the structured workforce. I thought I might get bored hanging around and enjoying myself every day (what was I thinking??) and as I love books and every aspect of books such as reading AND writing, I planned on becoming a part-time editor.

But surprise! surprise! There were a few things I didn’t count on at the time such as a spate of ill-health and far too much enjoyment of not working and being free to do what I like! Oh dear friends, it is such hard work but SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT …


This is exactly how I felt when I tried to pick up where I left off

To make a long story short, I completed eight modules in 2012 and by 2011 I took a year off while I recovered my health. After that I had far too much fun writing on this blog every day of 2012 to concern myself with studying. (Did I mention that I wrote EVERY DAY for 366 days of 2012? Oh yes, of course I did and I’m still smiling about it).

But I digress. Where was I? Yes … it has been two years since I did my last assignment and I was determined to resume my study now that my Blog Challenge is completed. So, a month ago … complete with fear and trepidation … I looked at all my study modules and felt totally overwhelmed. I was way, way, way  out of my comfort zone!

Yes, I did think of giving it up altogether. I had forgotten so much of what I had previously studied that I sat at my desk every day reading through everything I had done before. Where did it get me? Only more overwhelmed. After a week of doing this for about an hour a day, something within me rose up and immediately I knew that I should just “jump in” and start doing the next Module.

Stop pussy-footing around … as Nike says: “JUST DO IT!”

So today I am celebrating the completion of Assignment 9. I am so glad I began by diving into the deep end and doing one stroke at a time, feeling totally overwhelmed as I gradually learned to swim again in a rough sea of unfinished business.

Did ‘Life’ begin at the end of this uncomfortable experience? Yes it did! Once again, I know exactly why I love studying so much. Why I went to University and studied in my forties. Why I am doing more study now. Because I love it and it is life giving. Sometimes you have to …  ‘JUST DO IT’ before you experience those life giving properties.

You know folks, sometimes delays are meant to be for good reasons. Because I spent 2012 writing on my blog every day, I gained valuable experience as a writer and editor. Therefore, when I began my Editing course again, I noticed how much easier it was to edit writing (as part of Assignment 9) because of the experience I gained during that time. How can I not be grateful?