I found this picture on Facebook and I loved it.

I found this picture on Facebook and loved it. I’ve always found delight in beautiful birds!

Hello all

It is true that anything to do with birds has always appealed to me. I’m not sure why but there you have it … a totally useless fact about myself! We have had parrots and other birds visiting our home since we moved here in May 1975 folks so through the years we have grown to love them.

All that time, we have had a bird bath in our garden that my father made for us and we are regularly visited by all kinds of birds that can be viewed from our Dining Room table. I just love living where I live!

But, as much as I loved the bird on this picture, the words written there really spoke to me about my grandchildren particularly my eldest granddaughter Alice (11) who lived in Sydney until last year. This forced me to create a relationship with her from a distance.

Here's another bird picture that I love

Here’s another bird with a great message

It wasn’t easy but when she was born, I determined to relate to her on the phone as much as possible. When she was still a baby I used to sing to her on the phone.

As she became a toddler I invented a song which she associated with me. She loved it! The song was about her cat Isobella Blossom and one of Blossie’s kitten which we had kept and named Sandy. Here is the song that I used to sing down the phone line:

“Oh, Blossie’s a mummy pussy, oh Blossie’s a mummy pussy, oh Blossie’s a mummy pussy and Sandy’s her child!”

As well as this, I bought Alice a CD called “Silly Songs with Larry” which were, as the name suggests, full of silly songs which I also sang on the phone. One of the songs was called “Where is My Hairbrush?” which went like this:

‘Oh, where is my hairbrush, oh where is my hairbrush … oh where where wwwhhheeerrree … is my HAIRBRUSH! (the last words are said fast and furious).’

To this day, when Alice is looking for her hairbrush, I start singing this song! I cannot help myself. Alice just says: “Oh Grandma, you ARE silly!” but I know she loves every moment of it.

So the moral of this little story today folks is: do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with your children/grandchildren and learn to appreciate what you have because, believe me , they will grow up so fast and be gone and you’ll wonder where the time went.

And I do think that life is indeed a balance of holding on … as I did by singing to Alice over the phone … and letting go … something you learn to do once they are older. It is a delicate balance folks.