The Cactus garden in 2011 looking brilliant

Hello all

No, it isn’t spring at present yet our garden is blooming! In fact, it is the last month of summer here in Australia … not really a time when bushes sprout new growth and flowers begin to appear.

How did this happen? After a dry spring when very little in the garden flowered, summer arrived and the rains started and they haven’t stopped since! And there you have it: flowers blooming out of season. Nature is all confused and mixed up about the seasons it would seem.

It is such a sweet time of flowering at present that I have been walking around the garden enjoying the smell of Magnolia flowers and the purple Yesterday Today and Forever bush (Francesca). Even our grape-vine has new leaves on it. Ridiculous really.

And the grass outside is so green and lush I can hardly take it in. It reminded me that we had only been in drought conditions last September 2012 and we were despairing of ever having rain again … but we did. Too much rain for a lot of people.

And just now as I took a break for afternoon tea, Geoff told me that the cactus bush had two new shoots about to flower … out of season!

Taken in 2011 during another lush season

Taken in 2011 during another lush season

It reminded me of an entry I made one year in my Nature Journal. As you know, I found this journal recently and have been reading it and reliving some of the events in nature that made me meditate on my life. Here is an entry about the cactus flowers and how they spoke to me. It was written during another drought in 2006.

5th November 2006

“Despite the drought, some of our plants are flowering brilliantly, such as the cactus flowers out in the side garden. Geoff and I placed them there as it is such a hot sunny spot and nothing else would grow in this position. The cactus plants however, have never looked back since they arrived there over a year ago … placed by my own hand.

They blossomed last spring, but this year they are even more brilliant. One cactus sent forth two long stems which eventually blossomed into two brilliant pink large flowers. We took photos and admired them all day. Just as well we did, for they were dead by the next day! They only last for 24 hours.

So, as I was meditating on them I prayed: “Oh Lord, life often brings us into drought conditions in our soul, but the cactus plants remind us that we will flower despite the drought.”

They remind us that God has not forgotten us in times of dryness; that he has a plan for our lives just as the cactus plants have a plan inbuilt in their lives too. They were created to thrive in the hot, dry conditions of the desert. The harsher conditions stress them and cause them to blossom even more brilliantly.

I something think that God does this to us human beings. He allows us to be placed in desert conditions for He knows that if we find ourselves in that place and we learn to give up control of our lives to him, we will blossom brilliantly and be wonderful to behold just like those beautiful cactus flowers. “

Let’s just hope our flowers last longer than the 24 hours that my cactus flowers lasted! Still, I knew that within a week, another cycle of flowers would appear and the flowering would begin all over again. This happens about four times during the spring and early summer.

I look forward to such blossoming in my own life and hope you do too  …