Hello dear friends!

It has been a busy day helping out with little baby Madelaine and Isaac (3) so I will share this little snippet with you today.  I actually found this picture yesterday when I was reading an inspirational piece entitled ‘Shutting Those Doors Behind.‘ It really spoke to me but as I wanted to write about my  my-grief-journey at that time, I thought I would share it with you today instead.

You see, where I am in my grief at present, it is too soon to ‘Shut the Doors Behind Me’ but I know a time will come when I will need to do this. In the meantime, there are lots of reasons we need to shut those doors. For instance, at present I am shutting the doors against feeling guilty over my sister and it feels good.

So, here is the piece that I found inspiring yesterday. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

“Shut the door behind you!” my mother used to remind us as we all came banging in …

doors close

Don’t leave that door ajar …

The man or woman you didn’t marry. The house you didn’t buy. The job you didn’t take. That long-gone injury that is so much better forgotten. That loss, that devastating sorrow, that failure.

Forget it. Put it firmly away. To leave the door of memory even a little bit ajar is to provide passage for grief, remorse, regret – a flock of deadly enemies …

Shut that door behind you. Lock it and throw away the key. The only doors that matter are those that we open today!”

Marjorie Holmes in “Love and Laughter”

NB: Holmes wrote a twice-weekly syndicated column, “Love and Laughter,” for the now-defunct Washington, D.C., Star from 1959 to 1973 and a monthly column, “A Woman’s Conversations With God,” for the same paper from 1970 to 1975. articles.latimes.com/2002/apr/02/local/me-holmes2