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Hello all

I was cleaning up last week and I came across a beautiful Journal that I called “My Nature Journal … How I Heal”. I had written in it intermittently from October 1998 until June 2007 whenever I felt nature speak to me about my own life or at times when I needed to nurture myself. I thought I would share some of it with you from time to time. So friends, settle back and enjoy the first installment:

Sunday 11th October 1998

“Oh, how beautiful it is here in my backyard! So much peace and tranquility. Earlier, I watched Shasandra (Sandy for short) our cat, drinking water that was lying on the concrete between the pot plants. She was almost sitting in the abundance of water as she lapped!

Cats find water in unlikely places

Cats find water in unlikely places

I thought “how interesting!” Cats tend to drink water from the most convenient places. If it’s there, they drink it; they don’t go looking for the water dish put out especially for them. It led me to start thinking about myself and how I am feeling at the moment. I asked myself some questions.

Do I find water/nourishment wherever I can get it? Or do I only look for the proper water dish which may be in an inconvenient location … or even bone dry? Nourishment may come to me in the strangest places; unexpectant places and by unexpectant people; not those I think should nourish me.

For instance, this week an abundance of nourishment came to me  via a delightful card a friend sent me; a lunch meeting at the 11th hour by another friend; a nice comment made by my daughter-in-law; praise given by one of the guests about Maria’s lovely wedding; my neighbour’s kindness and Geoff’s unexpected help with the housework.

You see, one learns lessons from the things we see in nature. Sometimes, like the cat, I get wet whilst drinking the abundance of water that I find lying on the concrete. It shows one can find nourishment in unlikely and unexpected places.”

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