Hello all

Well, it’s true! I HAVE had ‘A DAY AS CUTE AS … BABIES.’ And it’s all thanks to a Baptism that Geoff and I attended this morning at a very early hour … but it was all worth it because being there really made my day folks.

So, when I saw this picture, I was transported straight back to the Baptism and I felt all warm inside. There is something about small babies that does that to you if you are not careful. They sneak up on you with smiles and giggles and brighten up your day.

baptismIt seemed to me that the 9am Service contained a lot more babies than just little Oliver who was being baptised. There were three babies at the Baptism in question and even more at the service itself.

I don’t remember much about the actual Baptism of  Oliver (my daughter-in-law’s nephew) because just as it all began, the godparents (my son and Belinda, the D-I-L in question) arrived late after having car trouble so they quickly ran up onto the altar while Isaac (3) went to Bampy and I took charge of Madeleine (14 weeks old) who was by now screaming blue murder in her car basket.

I made a quick exit out of the church with Maddie so that the other participants could hear the service … just as Oliver”s head was being wet with the Baptism water. Eventually it was all over and Belinda came outside to retrieve young missy who was screaming for food. I was pleased to be able to help out.

At one stage, there were three babies at the back of the Church with their parents who were trying to pacify them by jiggling them around so as not to disturb the congregation. I’m not sure why because the babies became the HIGHLIGHT of the service not the other way around (not that there was anything wrong with the service folks). I think the congregation loved being disturbed!

I know the teenager giving the sermon was doing his best and I applaud him for trying (obviously a guest preacher) but he could not compete with all the baby activity that was going on in that church. When I came back in I could barely concentrate.

I ask you: How can a teenager quoting scripture compete with gorgeous babies from three to six months old? THE very best age to cause enjoyment …

This is how you play the air violin.

This is how you play the air violin.

And then there was three-year old Isaac. He was mesmerised by the violinist playing with the pianist (it was the teenager who gave the sermon – quite multi-talented really) so I taught Isaac then and there to play the violin … well, sort of anyway.  It was  the’ air violin’ I taught him but still, he got right into it with a big grin on his face and that was enough joy for me.

Isaac is very musical so he continued to play the ‘air violin’ for the rest of the day whenever I asked him to perform. Oh, I AM a naughty grandmother but I knew he would love doing it so I encouraged him outrageously.

Poor Isaac, between Grandma Pat and Grandma Tess, he is learning things that a three-year old might never learn if it wasn’t for them. However, I have to concede that I am only number two in the pecking order of grandmothers because Grandma Pat (a former Grade 1 teacher’s aide) has taught Isaac so many things that I cannot keep up with her. She is the best!

For instance, at the moment, if he gets lost he can quote his address off the top of his head. He knows his full name as well as the proper names of his parents. If the family is somewhere with large crowds and Isaac gets lost, the Police would be gobsmacked when they ask him the necessary questions and he is able to answer every one of them!

And he’ll probably tell them the make and model of the car they are driving at the same time! Isaac is a car expert too.

Well, the Baptism of baby Oliver is over now and it was a great success with plenty of good company, good food and nice tea (others would say great champagne but you know how I love my tea). But folks, forgive me! I have failed to sing the praises of six-month old Oliver who would have to be the most gorgeous little fellow imaginable.

So today I want to welcome little Oliver David into the Christian Family. Between Oliver, little Madeleine and the other six month old baby at the Baptism called Isla, I have had the loveliest day. A DAY AS CUTE AS … well … BABIES.

Thanks to the parents of Oliver: Melissa and Garry. It was a privilege to be part of Oliver’s Baptism.