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Welcome to my Picture of the Day!

Are you a procrastinator? Well, a lot of us suffer from this syndrome and need to be empowered so today I want to share this picture about EMPOWERMENT and how it spoke to me.

I found it on Facebook one Sunday morning when I had just completed a list of small things I needed to do that I had been putting off for weeks. I realised at that moment that I had just been empowered to act and do something about my procrastination.

You see, all those ‘things’ I had to do (reply to some emails, phone people etc) were making me jumpy. After I wrote the list and began to act upon them, I felt so powerful … as if I had completed some huge tasks whereas the tasks had only been small!

Remember if it get's painful enough you WILL be empowered to act ...

Remember if it get’s painful enough you WILL be empowered to act …

I was shocked that acting had made me feel so good. And you know that feeling you get when you have been putting things off? Like there is a monkey on your back? Well, it simply disappeared after I acted and then I felt so light without that monkey. When I saw this picture on Facebook, I shared it and wrote underneath:

“Thinking about EMPOWERMENT today so here’s a thought: when you feel dis-empowered in some big areas of your life, try empowering yourself in some small areas … like doing something small you’ve been putting off? Worked for me!”

I’m not sure why we procrastinate but I know that doing so can result in stress, a sense of guilt and severe loss of personal productivity. In other words, I hate myself when I procrastinate! So folks, I am trying to make some gains in empowerment on a daily basis … by taking my own advice above and doing some small things every day.

Good luck to all of the procrastinators out there …