The Hanging Gardens of Notting Hill

The blurb beside the picture said:

“This is the Churchill Arms in Notting Hill Gate, the exterior of which is festooned with potted flowers. It’s quite a spectacle. It’s a Fuller’s pub, one of my favorites, but I didn’t venture in because I was put off by all of the smokers clustered around the entrance.”

And I found this extra piece of information about the ceiling on a website:

“Supper with F in the Churchill Arms, which is a pub containing (surprisingly) a Thai restaurant out back. Even more surprising is the restaurant ceiling which is a sea of foliage, the verdant fronds of which hover a few feet above the diners. Very random, but the food is good!”   The Hanging Gardens of Notting Hill

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The same hotel up close

What do you make of this pub in London which I found on an English FB site this week? It is all dressed up in flowers for spring/summer by the looks of things. This picture caught my attention because it brought back happy memories of staying in London in 2008 and finding good food at various pubs dotted all over London.

In fact, I found my Travel Diary this morning and read there about a hotel where we had lunch one day. As I always have my Travel Diary with me I wrote this snippet in it:

Mon 7th April 2008

“Warm at last in a little Hotel called “The Clarence” squashed between massive buildings (as everything seems to be) in the middle of the City of London. Where exactly are we? Who knows! Total confusion reigns as Geoff and I hop on and off of The London Bus Co. Tour. Are we in Leicester Square or Trafalgar or Piccadilly? On the Monopoly Board perhaps?

Hunger and cold got the better of us so we found this hotel and escaped inside. We have picked THE best place to eat! Warm and cosy. Very ‘ye olde world’  with an air of gentility like one might imagine in a Gentleman’s Club in a day gone by. Dark paneled walls and candles on the mantle with chandelier type lights on the walls.  Amazing!

We are having the biggest and best hamburger here accompanied by a huge quantity of truly great chips. Oh and Geoff is having a larger … and me? Always a pot of tea to warm me up. What else is new? “

Aah this brings back such good memories of travelling overseas; can’t wait to go back! Do YOU have any good stories of eating in great pubs in London?