happy vals day

Hello all

When you get to my age you can be forgiven for wondering what Valentine’s Day means to the majority of people today? I do know that a lot of couples buy each other cards and flowers, go out for special dinners and even spend large amounts of money by buying gifts of jewellery and the like.

The message I sent my husband.

The message I sent my husband.

As for me and my husband, we actually have got sick of all that ‘hoo ha’ and don’t do anything at all anymore! Is this good or bad I wonder as I write this blog? I don’t feel I need it but we do wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. Oh, and I did send him a message on Facebook ha ha.

We actually got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 1970 but it was more by coincidence than design as we found out after the picking of the ring that it was Valentine’s Day!  You have to remember that in the early 1970s Valentine’s Day was very very low-key and usually involved sending a card to someone you liked … and usually anonymously! No big celebrations in those days.

But, let’s face it …  today as Valentine’s Day approaches, MEN (more particularly it seems) will scramble to pick up beautiful bouquets of flowers (red roses are popular) for the women in their lives — or the women they hope to have in their lives. But, one website I visited asked a good question: “what’s the big deal with flowers?” And the answers they gave were very interesting indeed!

There are various reasons it seems. The top three reasons are:

  1. They represent beauty: perhaps he is saying, “Here’s something beautiful for a beautiful person,”
  2. They represent sexuality: flowers are basically plant reproductive organs so is this a subtle hint?
  3. Because their mothers told them to: a ‘well-trained’ man knows the cultural significance of flowers in romance!

And it would appear the colour of the flowers have some significance also. Here is a snippet of what I mean:

red rosesRed Roses
Represents: true love
Says: “I love you.”
Also Says: “I’m not very creative and didn’t put much, if any thought, into this buying decision.”

I ask you: why put such a negative spin on red roses? As far as I am concerned, I would be very happy to receive red roses at any time. I think that last statement is enough to stop men wanting to buy red roses ever again!

tuliopsYellow Tulips
Represents: hopeless love
Says: “Please, please, please, please be with me. Please.”

If you want a man to say ‘please, please please … that’s fine but if like him, but if you can’t stand the sight of him, I think you would be throwing those tulips in the bin … and quickly too.

carnationsPink Carnations
Represents: a mother’s love
Says: “No, I don’t have Oedipus Complex (unhealthy desire for mother!) but yes, these flowers should have gone to Mum.”

Okay folks this one is too bizarre to even put on my blog but there it was … demanding me to include it on my list so how could I refuse?  And the last one is delightful:

yellow rosesYellow Roses
Represents: joy, friendship, apology, jealousy, dying love, infidelity, and heartbreak
Says: “I have no idea what I’m trying to say.”

If a man is unsure what is going on with the relationship, he should stick with the yellow roses and he can’t go wrong. Great choice! If you like this and can’t get enough of it (and you want a laugh) readmore here: Meaning Behind Valentines Day Flowers – What Flowers Really Mean – Marie Claire

So dear friends, on this note I will end my Valentine’s Day blog and even though I have concentrated on men giving flowers to women, this is not the only way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that women are perfectly capable of giving flowers to men too as I have often done.

Or we may want to send a message to a good friend … or we may wish to recall that it is just a lovely day to remember to love one another … with or without flowers.

Just a suggestion for dinner tonight.

Just a suggestion for dinner tonight.