Welcome to my Picture of the Day!

I saw this picture on Facebook last Friday after spending a large part of the day helping our daughter in law Belinda with new bub Maddie (12 weeks) and Isaac (3), so when I saw the message, I smiled to myself; a memory stirred within me. (www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-World)

I had watched my husband Geoffrey playing with young Isaac while I tried to get baby to sleep. From my vantage point near the verandah, Isaac was jumping on the trampoline while Geoff stood guard outside the netting and they were chatting away and having a great time. Isaac is in love with Bampy right now and can’t get enough of him (how wonderful).

1341657494B6BcHrIsaac had only just discovered dinosaurs on TV in the morning and so he had found his plastic dinosaurs¬† and couldn’t be parted from them so they were jumping on the trampoline with him. He wanted to throw them over the net (you can trust BOYS to partake in this kind of activity!) and Bampy (Geoff) was trying to convince Isaac that if he threw them over, Bampy would NOT be picking them up!

The interaction was so delightful that I stood quietly and watched them awhile. How lovely it was to see my husband playing with his grandson and observe the rapport that the two of them share. As Isaac jumped, he was telling Bampy all manner of things about dinosaurs and cars, singing songs as he jumped!

Yes, it was only a few moments in time but it truly made my day. Kids really do touch a part of your heart that nothing else can reach.

What do YOU think?