Dumplings to celebrate Cherry Blossom time

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Welcome to my Picture of the Day!

Don’t you just love this picture which I put on my Life with Tess Facebook page last week from Visit Japan Down Under. It’s great that they give you the detail too:     www.facebook.com/VisitJapanDownUnder

Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Feature:

Good food and drink go hand-in-hand with cherry blossom viewing – so much so that there’s an old saying 「花より団子」 (hana yori dango – literally, dumplings rather than flowers). The saying refers to people who are more excited about the delicious food and drink than the flowers themselves… tough choice to make!

Are you more excited for the food & drink or flowers?”

I actually think I would be as excited for the food as much as for the flowers! The dumplings look amazing.

I loved this picture because it reminded me how much I would like to visit Japan at the time of Cherry Blossom Festival (around April/May). I suppose it helped that  I had a Japanese penfriend for all of my teenage years who wrote to me from Kyoto about the Cherry Blossom Festival.

I just regret that I was so careless in misplacing the beautiful Cherry Blossom silk fan she sent me for my birthday one year. Even worse was when I lost touch with Toyoko Kanazawa after I married. This was the worse possible case of carelessness; far worse than the loss of the  fan!

Perhaps I will find her again one day?

pink cherry