Hello all

Gather around friends as we need to have a little téte-a-téte about my blog …

You see, since I accomplished my 366-Day Challenge to blog every day, I have continued writing two or three times a week. I am happy enough with that, but could you believe that I actually miss chatting with you all every day?

You get the idea?

You get the idea?

I can hardly believe I am writing this as I was so relieved not to have the daily pressure of writing, that I never thought I would miss it. However, I have taken on other challenges this year – including finishing my Diploma of Publishing and Editing – and I don’t want to return to daily writing BUT …

You might not know that I post a few pictures every day on my Facebook page. You know, ones that are either inspiring, beautiful, amazing nature or just plan down-right hilarious! So … I am aware that as I have a lot of readers who do not frequent Facebook or even have a Facebook Account, they may be missing out on my pictures and comments.

In light of this epiphany which I had last night before going to bed, I have decided to post a picture on my blog with a small comment, on some of the days that I do not write a full blog post. How does that appeal to those of you who are used to receiving more frequent updates from Life with Tess?

Let’s  give it a try to see how we go? Okay folks, here is my first picture and comment:

An elderly man in Greece

An elderly man in Greece

 We’ll start today with this picture from a Facebook site called Growing Up Greek Australian Memes. (www.facebook.com/pages/Growing-up-Greek-Australian-Memes)

Okay I am not Greek! But as I grew up in a household with an Australian Lebanese mother,  I know all about Growing up Lebanese Australian Memes and the Greek thing kind of resonates with me. I ‘get it’. I love receiving their beautiful photos and often drool over their glorious Greek Islands. You may remember a blog post about all things Greek? Where do you think some of THAT inspiration came from? (Read the blog here: tessross.wordpress.com/where-would-you-most-like-to-live)

The Growing Up Greek Australian Memes wrote:

“Pic of the day : Be happy ! It’s one way of being wise ! …. I just love the wisdom of the old people in Greece or anywhere else, they’re just like a living history book with the most fascinating stories on war, love, poverty, loss, heartbreak and happy times.

Forget Wikipedia .. Greekopedia is far more interesting !!”

Don’t you love that last sentiment? It is comments like this that make my day because they make me smile. Hope you like it as much as I did …

PS You do see these old men when you travel in Europe. They are in cafe’s in out of the way places chatting and enjoying life. I only wished I could speak their language so they could share their stories with me. They seem to have all the time in the world …