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Dear Friends

Do you know that the Feast of the Epiphany totally passed me by this year? Of course, too much was going on in my life at the time with my sister. However, I love this feast as it heralds the official end of the Christmas Season when the Magi came from afar to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

We are told that these Wise Men from the Orient followed a brilliant star until it stopped over the house of Jesus. They then offered their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. You may note that the gospel never mentions the number of Magi but they did bring THREE types of gifts hence the ‘Three’ Magi.

Last year I wrote about the saying I had an Epiphany” meaning that suddenly you receive enlightenment. We all have different epiphanies at times but they are always about gaining a new understanding or insight. Yes, I missed celebrating this feast at Church but I still had my own epiphany thanks to technology.

Having an Epiphany

Having an Epiphany

I began by dismantling my Christmas tree on Jan 6th the Feast of the Epiphany and I also received the church newsletter online so I read the insight about the Magi from our new parish priest who just happens to be the same Filipino priest who inspired me at the beginning of my blog challenge.  And his writing did not disappoint this time either!

I’d had the word “dreaming” on my mind from a message on Facebook so I was on a quest for direction as I read the newsletter written by Fr Marce   and it spoke to me. He said:

“With faith, these Wise Men searched the heavens and were granted a vision of light. With a dream to fulfill, they began their spiritual pilgrimage. Each of us also has a dream to dream and a star to follow.”

I had actually woken in the early morning to hear the beautiful song from Les Miserables on the radio: “I’ve Dreamed a Dream of Times Gone By”  sung by the character of Fantine as she is dying. It chilled me to the bone.

So this theme of dreaming had already began. But as if this message was not enough, the radio announcer declared he was playing songs about DREAMING and proceeded to play three more songs on this subject.

dreaming re

The inspiration I found on Facebook

And here I had my epiphany! I decided that I would spend the day DREAMING – or meditating if you prefer to call it that – about some things I wanted to achieve this year. I needed inspiration and I wanted time to think and mediate on what was the best thing to do; on what God was wanting me to do. I wanted HIS dream for me.

Now, you would think this message about dreaming was getting through to me … right? Well it was, but there was still more to come. I happened upon the movie The Ten Commandments I had recorded a week ago. I watched it from where the Jews leave Egypt (and slavery) and are about to proceed across the wilderness via the Red Sea to the Promised Land.

Yep, another journey. Not following a star … but Moses .  Still, they were on a pilgrimage but this time it was a pilgrimage to the Promised Land. It sounded good to me!

I like the idea of using 2013 to go on a pilgrimage – or a journey – through the whole year, don’t you?

So I’m in training at the moment for crossing the wilderness dear friends. I just hope there will be plenty of ‘manna’ (food from the heavens) provided along the way. I can see that Promised Land up ahead already! Perhaps I have been inspired by completing my 366 Day Blog Challenge in 2012 to begin a whole new challenge?

But I have to admit that I haven’t quite come up with a concrete list of things I want to do yet … but there are thoughts beginning to form in my head. And all this from dreaming. Here are my thoughts:

  1. do more physical activity on a daily basis (details to come)
  2. complete my Diploma of Publishing by October (half way there at present)
  3. write on my blog twice a week – both for myself AND for my readers
  4. complete the redecorating of my house which has been in progress since the floods in 2011 when our floors were ruined by humidity and needed replacing.

All I need do now folks, is dream my dream whilst searching the heavens for the guiding star to follow. The details of the how, where and when will come. Wish me luck as I spend January in this pursuit. As for all of my readers out there, I hope I have inspired you to do the same thing.

As one source I found said: it may be something small you want to do. The ideas they gave were learning to write with your other hand or become a morning person and change your life. But I heading I liked best said: “Fill 2013 with experiences that are OUT OF THE ORDINARY and watch your happiness levels soar.”

Just remember that the reward will be “watching your happiness levels soar”. So to my readers I say: start dreaming today and look for that star to follow throughout 2013…