Hello all

Here I am back again. It seems that I may just be addicted to blogging and cannot keep away! It’s been a busy couple of days with condolences in phone calls and visits but somewhere in between it has given me a great deal of comfort to finish the verse I wrote about my sister Margaret.

I was unable to sleep when we returned from the hospital on Tuesday night so at around 4.30am as the daylight came in, I got up to view the sunrise. I thought this might help me sleep somehow.

sunsetYou may know that I have received comfort from sunrises and sunsets in my life and it was no difference on this occasion. An amazing sunset the night before when my sister died was now followed by a lovely sunrise to herald in a brand new day. I got out my Journal and wrote. It’s the thing I know best to do when I need to express my feelings. It always helps.

Afterwards, I was able to sleep for a couple of hours. I had been comforted. I wanted to share the verse with all of my readers ‘out there.’ Perhaps I want to tell the world that I had an amazing older sister and that she died too soon at 72 years of age.

Perhaps I did not appreciate her enough until I knew I was losing her. I thought she would live until a grand old age. We only knew she was dying last Thursday night! It had been all too quick and I was unprepared. Yet, I got to journey with her until the end. No one could ask for more than that.

I was determined that I would not leave until I saw her safely across the line.  My other sister and I wanted to see her go in peace as she had denied that she was dying – even up until that very morning. She died peacefully just before 6pm on New Years Day. It certainly was a new beginning for HER. I am glad … she had a hard life and some ill-health in the last few years.  Here is the verse:

many angels


Last night I saw a beautiful sunset

Just after my sister passed away.

Its brilliance displayed from a hospital window

We could not fail to see it

Glowing and radiant it surrounded us

As if God was sending comfort in our grief

Colour to adorn the darkness of our souls

Beauty to remind us our hearts would sing again

A promise of better things to come.


A vigil had been kept all through the day

Taking turns; being tactile: stroking and reassuring

Whispering words of love and comfort

Husband, sons, siblings and in-laws

One moment  … solemn

Next … laughing at idiosyncrasies

Then weeping as the tale was finished

All the while Margaret slept

Each breath a struggle

And we prayed she would not linger.

Time to say what was needed:

Her last words spoken to me

Such an effort yet clear: “I love you too”

Toward the end I spoke to her

Charged with emotion I said what was in my heart:

“Margaret you were the wind beneath my wings

But I did not know it until now.

Thank you for loving me despite my foibles

You just kept on loving all of us

You know we are on this journey with you

And we will not leave you until it’s done …”

… And then it was.


The morning after her passing I got up to watch the sunrise

It was the dawn of a brand new day

The first without my eldest sister

After a night of sleeplessness

Tossing to and fro

Crying out to God for understanding

I dozed and dreamt of angels

A multitude of small playful angels

Floating through the air

Cherubs … ethereal with gossamer wings

cherubsThey made a pretty scene

And somewhere there amongst them

Margaret too was flying

I did not see her with the naked eye

But I sensed her presence there.


She was telling me ‘all was well

And legs that could not hold her up before

Were no longer needed now

And a familiar song was playing:

The one that had given peace to my second sister

Was playing now for ME!

“Lifted up by angels

Given wings to fly.”

music notesIt was a melody I knew so well

And now this chorus would continue through all eternity.

My sister Margaret was safe at last

I was content

Understanding and revelation had been given:

Margaret had gone home to God

She was at peace

Indeed …she WAS lifted up by angels

And yes, she has been given wings to fly …

… by Tess Ross 2nd January 2013