done and dusted

Hello all

My joy at completing my 366 Day Blog Challenge turned to sadness yesterday when my family was called to the Toowoomba hospital – two hours drive away – to be with our sister who was dying. Still, I am grateful that I got to finish and have peace before I was faced with the sudden passing of my eldest sister.

Thank you to all those who took the Blog Journey with me in 2012. How blessed I was to have you all along for the ride! To receive your comments and encouragement was wonderful. Thank you. Thank you all.

Most of all I would like to thank my husband Geoffrey who supported me throughout that time. I am not sure how often we would be having afternoon tea together around 4pm and he would inspire me in a direction without even knowing he was doing so!

Someone at my celebration said that Geoff had been my ‘muse’ – more commonly known as “the poet’s inspiration.”  Well, Geoff certainly was my inspiration and sounding board and I will be eternally grateful to him for that. I think he loves the idea of being my “muse” and he smiled when I told him. It’s not just Picasso and all those artistic people who had a muse you know …

thank you 2Considering that Geoff has never read my blog (and has no inclination to do so) it was a big ask having him support me every day as I spent a couple of hours at my computer. He says what will he do now? He will have no time to himself anymore. Ha ha, he will just have to put up with me and spent less time with the cat!

I salute you Geoffrey!

My family celebrated my achievement with a New Year’s Eve Dinner on Monday night. My son Daniel presented me with an achievement award in a silver frame . It said it was from the PBA: The Professional Bloggers  Association. What the? It turns out that no such association exists but his family decided that they would become the PBA! On the bottom of the certificate it says:

“366 Days of Blogging Outrageously”

Thank you Daniel and Belinda for making my celebration complete! Also to Maria, Steve and the girls too. Pat and David (Belinda’s parents) completed the celebration.

Today I came home from staying with my other sister and thought it would be nice to complete this ‘Thank-you” blog. So, it’s all done and dusted but be ready for more blogging in the future!

In the next two days I would like to share with you a verse I wrote this morning at break of dawn about losing my sister, but enough for today. It has been lovely to have some time off after my ‘grand challenge’ and spend precious  time with my family so that we could grieve.

So folks, not everyone will write on a blog but do your best to at least Live Outrageously …