Day 366 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello for the last day of 2012!

Folks, I am lost for words as I begin my last post for 2012 and thus complete the Blog Challenge I set for myself on 1st January this year. How do I end 366 days of constant topics and sharing of my life with all of you ‘out there?’

It feels as if I am saying goodbye … but of course I am not. I am only saying goodbye to writing every day! But what will it be like NOT to write every day? Will I wake up in the middle of the night as I did early in January asking myself “What was I thinking?” about the enormity of the task? Only this time I will be dreaming “Oh no, I missed writing on my blog!”

366Interesting thoughts eh? But this morning I have taken some time to look over the last 12 months at some of the posts I have written and wonder how I wrote about such things! It was almost impossible to read 365 posts but I looked at each month and re-read some of my favourites.

At this point we need a “TA-DA ...!”

My favourite humourous post would have to be the one about Geoff called Testosterone-and-Coffee-do-NOT-Mix- when Geoff – always colourful as you have by now realised – got overloaded on coffee at the ‘The Men’s Sheds Group’ at the Library and was all hyped up with tall tales and hilarious comments which made me cry “Enough!”

My favourite personal story post was when I saw the baby on the bus and wrote a verse about it as I sat there. Belinda was pregnant and I had not been as excited as I should have been. But, when I say the baby my heart melted and I had to write. Here is some of it: the-baby-on-the-bus-30512

After the loss of twins last year / My joy has been contained

Wrapped away in my heart for safe keeping / But now as the 14 week mark comes into view

I am confronted by the reality of a little hand to hold / I have a quiet joy bubbling up within me

For the first time I am allowing myself to feel it / The package in my heart is being unwrapped

For the mother within me has had her own little tragedies / And the grandmother that I now am feels things deeply

Now putting sadness behind me / And unwrapping my heart feels good

And as the baby across the aisle puts out her tiny hand

To hold the finger of her mother / I smile again … eyes glued to every movement

I savour it and feel the joy / And I thank God for the little Wonder that is coming

And to think that baby Madeleine came along at 38 weeks on 10/11/12 the perfect date for a little one to be born! Oh, how we are enjoying her smiles now that she is a little older.

I also enjoyed writing about all the different colours, but my favourite would have to be The Colour White: the first one I wrote. I commenced by saying:

This morning I found a picture and quote on my Facebook news feed and I simply loved it. It spoke to me and said:  “You will have to write about the colour WHITE today”. And I replied ever so nicely: “Of course, whatever you say sweet inspiration.”

red shoesI also loved writing the post on The Power of Shoes.  I had no idea that woman experiencing violence could wear high-heeled shoes and feel powerful!

“Now folks, do you understand this? Let me explain. Whenever you wear shoes that you love, you feel wonderful. This in turn improves your self-esteem and you then feel empowered to stand up for yourself, get help  or leave a violent situation. IT MADE PERFECT SENSE! The Society of Women who love shoes  know exactly what they are talking about it seems.”

A lot of my readers loved the story The Wedding Night Fiasco about what happened on our wedding night in 1971 when we ended up staying in our car beside a sawmill in the country. It is funny but oh so true. What a way to start married life:

“As Geoff drove around I said: “but there are no buildings, only plots of land!” My voice was getting higher … and just a tad hysterical. Geoff stopped the car. I began to cry. Between sobs I poured out my heart: “Geoff, take me home! I don’t want to be married anymore!””

I also enjoyed making my grandchildren The Star of My Blog on their birthdays. I blogged from Fiji in May for Maria’s 40th Birthday; I blogged during our cruise around Northern Australia and Indonesia; I blogged live while sitting in a cafe in Port Douglas (Nth Qld) and I blogged from our caravan in Cabarita during two stints there. It was all about careful planning folks!

And so today I could go on and on about the things I have written during my 366 days, but this post MUST come to an end. I will be celebrating the end of my writing and New Year with my family tonight over dinner. But, do not think you have seen the end of me. I will be back tomorrow – at least – to skite about my achievement! And more in the future too.

So  dear friends I must say ‘thank you’ to all who encouraged me … and now:


challenge comp

 Some other favourite posts: