Day 360 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Merry Christmas all!

Today my heart is full as I awake to another Christmas morn. I have experienced many these past 66 years and as I look back I feel grateful for all of them: the good … the not so good … and the wonderful. As I go to enjoy this time with my family I wish you all a Merry Christmas as we contemplate the birth of Christ the Lord.

In the meantime enjoy this Christmas poem I wrote as I contemplated what Christmas means to me. Have a great day!


                                                                                                                by Theresa Ross


Christmas is such a joyous time

Filled with family, food and fun

With children all agog

        as presents come along

Now jingle bells ring out

And Silent Night is sung

The Christmas tree stands tall

With precious pieces laden

Lights are flashing with delight

As people now are waiting

A cry rings out o’er all the earth:

“Peace on earth

Goodwill to men

A child is born to us

A son is given to us

Jesus the Christ”

The gospel clearly says:

He came to a world

      which was His own

300px-Fra_Filippo_Lippi_002But His own did not receive Him


        to all who did receive Him

To those who believed

        in His name.

He gave the right to be:

        Children of God

Children, born not of natural descent

Nor of human decision

Or a husband’s will

But…BORN OF GOD.  (adapted John 1:11-13)

So now, we celebrate today

       the wonder of His birth

And in doing so we celebrate

The miracle of birth for every man

It is not by mistake that we are born!

It is forever etched in history.

We are no accident

Not born of human decision

     or a husband’s will

But “Born of God’

That second birth

That set us free from

      the restrictions

Of our first birth …. by ‘chance’

And gave us wings to fly.

People, embrace the gift of life today

The delight of it!

The joy of it!

Remember how Jesus came to us

Born in a manger

Humble beginnings

      for such a One

And gave us a second chance

And He left the Gift of Love

Merry Christmas!