Day 359 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Are you all getting excited about Christmas about NOW? Christmas Eve for my family is about preparing Lebanese food especially the stuffed grape-vine leaves as they are rather labour intensive.

Normally, we all go together to Mass  at our church around 7pm and come back here to stuff the grape-vine leaves with meat and rice for cooking. It has become a family tradition.

Vine leaves all rolled up

Vine leaves all rolled up

But things are different this year. Dan & Belinda have a small baby, Maria wants to go to her children’s church (where they go to school) so Geoff and I resigned ourselves to doing the vine leave on our own. It wouldn’t be the same, but you cannot put pressure on people with busy lives to keep traditions going that no longer fit.

HOWEVER … a text message has come in this morning from Dan & Bel asking would we like help with the vine leaves? So we will prepare them this morning – with help from Dan – instead of tonight.

Next, because Maria is working I phoned son-in-law Steve and told him to treat our house like home and just drop by if need be and as he is going shopping I added “Leave the girls if you want.” This was met with much relief by Steve, so it seems we are going to have a different tradition this year. Also, we have decided to go to Maria’s Church and celebrate Mass with our girls and their family instead of on our own.


Yes, it’s been a good morning and much has been achieved: vine leaves are all stuffed and looking good. The Kibbi is made and in the fridge for tomorrow. Isaac (3) was here this morning and was singing “Jingle Bells” whilst ringing two of the little bells off my Christmas tree while Dan, Geoff and I rolled up the vine leaves. It was so lovely!

Time now to mind Alice (11) and Violet (6) while their father does a last-minute shop, so I will take my leave and go but not before I leave you with this Christmas Eve Poem I wrote two years ago … yes on Christmas Eve. Enjoy the night before Christmas.

Santa setting out on his deliveries

Santa setting out on his deliveries

Santa must be getting ready about now to make his big trip from one end of the earth to the other so be prepared! I will wish you real Christmas Greetings tomorrow on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

A Christmas Eve Poem

                                   …. by Theresa Ross

Christmas Eve
Christmas Blessings
Hearts of joy
Children laughing
Children waiting

Puddings baking
Smells pervading
Grocery Shopping
Treats awaiting

Wrapping presents

Tree a’ glistening
Full of wonders
Music playing
Hearts  a’ leaping

Santa waiting
Time to go
Christmas coming
Love surrounding
Jesus brings it all today…

Be blessed
Enjoy the great Tidings of Comfort and Joy
And celebrate Jesus on Christmas Day
Merry Christmas!

gift of jesus