Day 357 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

This morning I came across a follower on my ‘Life with Tess’ Facebook page who was feeling very “un-Christmassy” as she put it. She wasn’t sure if it was due to the over-commercialism of Christmas or something else, but it concerned her she said sadly.

I couldn’t help but think that this was ME a couple of weeks ago! What changed folks to make me now feel VERY Christmassy? Well, the Spirit of Christmas didn’t just come along and bite me on the … um … derriere and I know that writing on my blog about the coming of Christmas helped but my main change of heart came from an Advent Calendar meditation from a Facebook page.

The link would take me to a calendar and I would click on the meditation for that day . It was simple but somehow by the time I got to December 5th things were beginning to change within me. Here is the meditation that spoke to me:

December 5th

Mary in the Advent Calendar

Mary in the Advent Calendar

“We are told Mary did not run or hide when the angel came to her. Somehow, she was present to the experience and the request. While she probably had many feelings in that moment, they did not usurp her attention or her ability to respond.

This presence of mind inspires me. I think of her yes and I long for the kind of presence she might have had in the encounter.

Today, think about some common feelings that distract you in your encounters. Maybe its fear that you cannot do something, or anger because you feel you must. Maybe its resentment that another needs you, or guilt that you don’t want to be needed.

As you go about your day, notice these feelings and then practice your way back to what’s actually at hand. You can do this by writing “yes” on a piece of paper to visually remind you of Mary’s. Or choose a word to repeat or mental image to use when these feelings surface. Pick a simple action that will help you refocus on what’s before you.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, when I was present today, what happened?” www.facebook.com/Advent Calendar

I printed this reading out and put it on my fridge and I began to say ‘YES’ frequently throughout the day. Then I began to find moments of solitude (snatch them if necessary) when I would go inward and drink in the silence: becoming ‘present in the moment’, really ‘hearing’ the Christmas Carols I had playing and other times just ‘listening’ to the silence.

wishing youThis gave me such a sense of peace that eventually the Spirit of Christmas came along and jumped onto me without my even trying to get it! I was bitten by the Spirit of Christmas. Perhaps when I stopped looking at myself and focused on something bigger the Spirit of Christmas came to me without even trying?

So today, as the countdown to Christmas hots up, I am reminded to get my priorities straight. This morning I was up early making my Christmas pudding (a bit late in the making granted!!) and it is now cooking away in my slow cooker. I am a little “puddinged out” right now from too much tasting of the raw ingredients but it was fun!

This afternoon, I am having a coffee with a friend for Christmas and enjoying the season. I hate to skite (but I will anyway he he) but my presents are wrapped and under the tree; I have finished gift shopping and now I just want to enjoy the spirit of the season which I have been cultivating.

holiday spiritMy husband Geoff asked me this morning “Theresa (yep he only calls me Tess when he is being cheeky) you won’t be blogging on Christmas Day will you?” Well, I looked at him in wonder and replied: “Geoff ? … what does blogging for 366 days of the year mean??  Every day (emphasis on the EVERY)?” Nough said about that comment folks.

Poor Geoff, he is still in shock that I will be writing on Christmas Day! But do not fear my friends, because I have a poem to share with you and I will be well-prepared to add some other insights into the day.

And so today, if you are feeling that commercial interest have taken over Christmas, try my little meditation above for the final three days and let the Spirit of Christmas jump onto you as it did to me!