Day 351 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I have been thinking today about young children and their obsessions. Do they grow out of them or do they end up involved in the area that they are obsessed with? This thinking has come about because Isaac was here this morning and he is obsessed with cars. But, more on that later.

Grandma rocks Maddie to sleep

Grandma rocks Maddie to sleep

You see, all is quiet here now: the dishes are done, the toys are packed away and the dust has settled after waving goodbye to the Ross Family. That is, my son Dan and his wife Bel with Isaac (3) and little Maddie (5 weeks) who came down for morning tea today.

It was all very Christmassy. I had a lovely candle set in a cup on a saucer burning in the middle of the table but there were no magic relighting candles – although we did laugh yet again about these ridiculous candles that refuse to go out.  See The-Glow of Friendship and the-magic-of-pat-and-the-relighting-candle.

The red Christmas table was set with my best china, my moo-cow milk jug and my brandy Christmas cake cut up especially for the occasion. There were my cherry-topped shortbread biscuits, some mince tarts and even Christmas lollies hidden in beautiful cupcake-like dishes. Oh, it was all very nice.

The Holy Family and that damn cheeky reindeer!

The Holy Family and that damn cheeky reindeer!

The Christmas tree was lit up,  St. Joseph was looking after the Madonna and child (a statue) and even the reindeer had the cheek to have his feet up on the mantle looking on.  That reindeer had no manners at all! It was oh so decadent, but the best bit of all was when Geoff was holding Madeleine for a photo and she looked at him and … low and behold she gave him a smile.

Aah … that first smile! I had been hoping for it today and it arrived as if on cue. It was better than brilliant folks. The battery failed on the camera but still, three of us saw it so it is now official. Madeleine did not disappoint.

Amongst all these happenings: giving lots of attention to little Maddie and admiring the new bathroom, I was attempting to make tea for all of us. However, as Isaac had arrived with his basket of cars (regular readers will remember my writing about Isaac and his basket which he takes everywhere, even to bed), I set out to give him another four cars for his basket.

Now, bear in mind that Isaac knows I regularly give him second-hand cars and they end up going home in his basket because he can’t bear to part with them. No drama here but today was different. Today was the day that Isaac put those cars in his basket and immediately headed for the door saying: “Take the cars home now.” He had been here 10 minutes and already the time was up! And this is where ‘The Obsession” comes in.

We told him that he had only just arrived but he did not let up the whole time. Every now and again, he would attempt to get his parents to go home saying: “take the cars home!” Like a broken record, desperation was setting in and we managed to stall him for two long hours but in the end, it was time to go anyway. Taking the cars home became paramount. He was tired.

I do believe he thought I might renege on those cars and make him leave them here, therefore he wanted to get them ensconced safely at home. The morning was punctuated by Isaac and his concern for his basket of cars.  No way was he going to let them out of his sight! It was funny.

I am pleased to report that the cars are home safe now. Isaac is probably sleeping peacefully and beside him will be the basket filled to the brim with cars of various colours and makes. When I asked him would he like more cars, he did not hesitate: “yes, a yellow Porsche.” Apparently, a yellow Porsche had been lost at Kindy much to his distress.

Folks, this little boy knows his cars! He will either be a mechanic or a car dealer as his obsession with cars continues. But, just in case his father is reading this and is getting a bit worried about his son, I would like to remind Dan that when he was four, he was obsessed too … only he was obsessed with wood and nails.

I guarantee that every single day that I picked Dan up from pre-school, he would have chunks of thick wood off-cuts with nails sticking out of them in his possession. Yep, every day folks! We didn’t know where to store them in the end and heaven help us if we threw them out! All hell would break loose.

If Isaac doesn't become a car dealer, he might just be a pianist?

If Isaac doesn’t become a car dealer, he might just become a pianist?

What was this fetish about? He never did become a builder as we thought he would (builders are in the family). Eventually he got over it and loved sports and became involved in gyms.  And … thank God … he got over thinking he was Batman too because that would be a career choice that would have been a bit tricky methinks!

Therefore, let me conclude by answering the question I began with: “will he grow out of his obsession with cars?” I do think he will! Perhaps however, he will always take a great interest in cars generally?

Or perhaps not? But for now, it is delightful to watch him with his car fetish and to indulge him in something he loves so very much. I do hope though, that the car basket lasts the distance.

Hang on a moment, I think there is a bigger one in my cupboard … but then again I better think about the possible consequences of this a little more carefully …