Day 350 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Sometimes life hands us bad news doesn’t it? Look at what happened yesterday in Connetictut as children and staff were gunned down so tragically. I can hardly think of anything else today let alone Christmas folks.

However, there are other things happening around me much closer to home that has spoken to my heart about the unfairness of life. My sister is ill in hospital and another friend is facing a difficult situation.

All of us at different times in our lives face difficulties and things we do not understand. But once we get over the shock, we have to get ourselves up and go on with love and hope in our hearts for the future, or else we would be completely overwhelmed.

Due to the American tragedy, I happened upon a website on Facebook which really spoke to me about the shooting in America. A reminder to:  Find Something beautiful today or else the darkness wins.  It was on a blog called www.A Beautiful Mess Here is a snippet of what I found there (the blog is to be highly recommended folks).

“My message is and always has been… find something beautiful in this world each day or the darkness wins. Our Facebook posts will be back next hour. Hopefully they will bring you what you need today. My heart is with you and the planet today. I am praying for peace.”

I love this idea so today I am going to find some beautiful things to share with you all.

This blogger is a graphic deisgner.

This blogger is a graphic deisgner.


  • Next, let us go to a beautiful verse about sleeplessness that I found on the site A Beautiful Mess (mentioned above). I like this because I often wake in the early hours of the morning struggling with my thoughts or the worries of life. This verse reminded me to see sleeplessness as a friend who knows all my secrets! For me, it is God who knows my secrets of the early hours … and it consoles me.


The best time or the worst.
Inky black.  Mysterious – yet candid.
Is the quiet my nemesis or sanctuary?

She will keep your secrets

Joy and sorrow find their way to my pillow at this hour.
She whispers silently in my ear.
Still… deafening.

She will keep your secrets

She needs no invitation.
Have you met 4am?
What does she know of you?

This is what I know of her…

….she will keep your secrets

Dal lake in Srinagar..

Dal lake in Srinagar..

I will conclude my blog on this note folks. Today let us spare a thought for the families of those who died yesterday but let us not become bogged down in the mire as life does offer us much beauty also.

My blog today is a reminder to find something beautiful despite the tragedy in America of Sandy Hook Elementary School.