Day 348 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Did you hear me let out a big sigh just then friends?? You didn’t? Okay, just as well then because I do not want to burden you too much with how I feel today.

The thing is, remember how I had a ‘bit’ of a cold the other day? Well I think it is actually a virus and so today I needed to rest up a little. But as I count down to my last 18 days of blogging, it was hard to raise myself off the couch to write.

However, I am far too close to the end now to throw in the towel so I have come to do my duty. I see that word: SUCCESS writ large in front of me!

Be brave ...

Be brave …

Yes, I have taken all of you ‘out there’ along for the ride with the ups and downs of my 366 days of blogging haven’t I? You see, I find that when the going gets tough, it is best to tell your audience exactly what is happening and in that way, they are sharing the experience – warts and all – with you.

And at this stage I must point out that whenever I have been discouraged (usually when I am not feeling well) one of my friends will write or phone to tell me that I must keep going, that I have come this far and I cannot give up now. So, with the voices of friends ringing in my ears, I am lifted up and swept ever onwards to the goal which is in sight.  Success awaits me and I am glad to remember:

“Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly”

I am not a person who likes to fail and I have been told that I am very determined also but still … without all of you ‘out there’ reading my blog and encouraging me I would not have got this far at all. A big ‘thank-you’ to all of you. You know who you are!

Success v. Failure?

You know, I have observed an unusual phenomenon throughout my life regarding success v. failure. I have watched a few very competent people get very close to their goal and blow it at the end. One person I remember had one more exam of a degree to complete and failed the exam. That person came back to the next year and the same thing happened again. The degree was NEVER completed. How sad.

Don't be like this folks!

Don’t be like this folks!

Another person I knew was doing really well in their career and when they had acquired a good position, threw it all in unexpectedly and then struggled to find their way. It is an interesting phenomenon and one which I understand very well. I remember staring my last university exam in the eye and being overcome with fear to the point that I was almost immobilised by it.

I have written about this before folks. I simply got up and went on using the old adage “feel the fear and do it anyway!” I passed the exam and obtained my Bachelor of Commerce. The only person in my family of six to do so. My mother said girls only got married and had babies and it was useless for them to study. I wonder what she would make of my success if she had been alive at the time?

Looking back on this now I have matured enough to realise that she did me a favour in many ways. My life went as it was meant to go. I am glad I did my study in my forties when I was more mature and my family were teenagers, for I ended up studying with them. What a wonderful experience that turned out to be!

And I understand only too well the link between success and failure. I like to think that I was one of those angels for my children and that I helped them to lift up their feet when the going got tough at university. And they both completed their degrees and have gone on to have success in their careers.

I know there is a close relationship between success and failure. In fact, I read today in www.huffingtonpost.com about the similarity between the two:

“… in a recent Wall Street Journal article, the Director of DARPA, Dr. Regina Dugan, argued that “you can’t lose your nerve for the big failure, because the nerve you need for the big success is the exact same nerve.

On the surface, this notion might seem ridiculous — what on Earth could be scary about success? But if you dig a bit below the surface, you might discover some powerfully limiting aspects of your own mindset, of your own approach to life.”

I have always loved this quote. It is true.

I have always loved this quote. It is true.

It is all about being in your “comfort zone”. If you don’t particularly like your job or some other aspect of your life, you may also find that you have become comfortable with it if for no other reason than the fact that it is familiar. For some people it is easier to stay put rather than to move forward and embrace success. I like this part:

“Breaking out from the familiar, from what got you here, may not be very comfortable, and it may conjure up some fears or risks in your mind. Giving up membership in the ain’t-it-awful club and letting go of weevily peanuts may have any number of risks associated with them, but the risks have more to do with new success behaviors than they do with the fear of failure.”

So there it is folks. It is all about learning NEW SUCCESS BEHAVIOURS and not being afraid to go forward and learn them once you do succeed. And for some people this is just too hard and they stay exactly where they feel comfortable. They go no further.

Today my friends, I wish to be one of those friends who are like angels so I’ll ask you this question: is there something in your life you would like to do or achieve or even acquire? Is there a dream you have within you that awaits fulfillment?

Let me help you to lift up your feet and fly. Take one step today towards achieving that goal. Get up and make the move … and just keep going until you achieve success. Do not be afraid to try …