Day 344 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It is Sunday today and I am feeling particularly unmotivated. I have a bit of a cold (is it possible to have ‘a bit’ of a cold?) yet it is not bad enough for me to get any sympathy!

Baby Maddie getting ready to smile soon.

Baby Maddie getting ready to smile soon.

In fact, I have already been out for morning tea this morning to celebrate a birthday. I also called in quickly to the shops on the way home so things mustn’t be too bad eh? The thing is, I had a lovely morning out. My son Dan, his wife Belinda, Isaac (3) and little Maddie (4 weeks)  had gathered to honour Belinda’s mother Pat who was the one having the birthday today. Pat’s husband David was there also.

I always think it is a precious time when you are gathered together with family. There are always things happening to keep you amused or plenty of people to help with the kids. Isaac needed to go to the toilet, so Grandma Pipi (me) goes off with him. Madeleine is crying and won’t stop, so both Grandma’s have a turn at trying to pacify her. Eventually, only Mum has the knack and Maddie is handed over to the expert who soon quietens her.

Grandma Pat decides that Isaac should display the singing skills that she has taught him. Isaac then begins a rendition of “Away in a Manager” helped along by Grandma Pat. But, he didn’t really need any help. He had the whole thing covered … and with the right tune too. What a champ! He came to the morning tea with his little cane basket full of cars and a couple of books.

Grandma Pat confesses to me that she has a problem. I wonder what this confession will reveal because I know a lot about Pat and I cannot think of anything she should confess because she is such a good, kind and lovely person.

However, she confesses that she cannot go past books for children (read here Isaac) that shes sees on sale at the shops! Perhaps she should get a jail sentence for such a crime? I don’t think a judge would find her guilty of anything though, because the fruit of her confession (Isaac) profits greatly from the books that Grandma buys him.

Isaac knows all the books off by heart. Grandma, who was a teacher aide with little ones before her retirement, has taught him well. I reassured Pat that her ‘problem’ with buying books is a great ‘problem’ to have. I only wish more people had such a problem! The world might be a better place.

That magic relighting candle!

That magic relighting candle!

As for myself, being a lover of books, I understand it only too well. The thing about Pat is, she has a child-like spirit and when she is with children, she becomes ONE with them. This is a rare gift but she has it and they love her for it.

Then, there was a moment with baby Madeleine when I thought she was going to smile at me! Four weeks old now, we are all gearing up for that FIRST SMILE. You know, when the little one becomes aware enough and then suddenly … the sweet face lights up with a smile. Aah the magic of the first smile! Can’t wait …

Talking about magic, the family got to see first hand the Magic Relighting Candles that I discussed on my blog The-Glow-of-Friendship on Wednesday. If you haven’t read it, read through for a good laugh because these candles sure did fool us girls that day as they kept relighting!

Today, David borrowed a candle from the Club where we were celebrating, and he was shocked to see it suddenly relight in his hand after Pat had blown it out!  (She was helped by Isaac who was exhaling more spit than breath at the time).

But the look on David’s face was priceless. He couldn’t understand how the flame came back … magically! It seems as if everyone is buying these Magic candles now without even realising what they are buying! I will have to get some … for a bit of fun.

And so my dear friends, it was a lovely time today to celebrate the birth of this amazing woman called Patricia. Yes, she is my son’s mother-in-law but I have been privileged, through the 16 years that I have known her, to be able to call her MY FRIEND as well …

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT: you are indeed a champ!

Me and Pat: the two Grandma's

Me and Pat: the two Grandma’s