Day 337 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It seemed as if it was going to be one of THE great Friday nights of fun when Geoff and I were at Little Mackerels Swim Club with our granddaughter’s Violet (6) and Alice (11). Everything was going along swimmingly (excuse the pun) with the girls participating in races and eating the canteen out of food in between times.

4868994Alice was swimming as Chicken Parmy (her name is Alice Parmiter) and Violet as Chicken Parmy Jnr and they were as happy and excited as only two girls can be who are wanting to impress Grandma and Bampy (as minders for the weekend) who had never been to swim club before.

Chicken Parmy Jnr swam butterfly for the first time and she was unbelievable in the execution of this style of swimming. Alice said she had taught her ‘dolphin’ so perhaps it was a cross between dolphin and butterfly but I know it was a wonder to behold. Watch out Rio, Violet is coming up the rear with a new swim style!

It was on this high note that we headed home. We were all happy and full of fun and laughter and I never visualised what was about to happen after we got home.

Once in the house there were plenty of hi-jinx and laughter between the sisters in the dark of the bedroom . Still everything seemed just fine. And then IT happened. Out of the blue. Quick as a flash.

A blood-curdling scream pieced the air.  I froze on the spot and stopped what I was doing . And folks, this was not a scream of joy. This was a scream of pure torture!

And with the scream came a 6-year-old running through the hallway with a trail of blood following her. It was not something I wanted to hear or see at 9pm when tiredness had hit us all. As Geoff and I rushed around looking for something to stop the flow of blood that was pouring from her mouth, we tried to figure out what the injury actually was.

Violet put out her tongue which was the obvious location of the injury. However, there was so much blood by this stage that I visualised a long visit to Emergency to have her tongue stitched back together again. Clearly, she had bitten her tongue almost in half??

Or so it seemed.

How COULD there be so much blood from a tiny cut? We couldn’t find any tissues so I had to use reams of toilet paper to try to stop it.

Now I needed to assess the damage and decide on our next course of action. Meanwhile the screaming continued. The more blood that came, the more screams ensued. . And I managed to calm Violet down enough to tone down the screaming a little and I said “Violet, come on now, show me your tongue.”

As she opened her mouth to show me, I noticed there was no front tooth where previously there had been a larger than life tooth – a first tooth that would come out one of these days; the one next to it had been loose for some time.

missingtoothTotally shocked I said “Violet, huh … you’ve lost a tooth!! Where is the tooth that was there before??”

Well folks, I wish I could freeze Violet’s reaction in time because what happened next will stay etched in my memory forever. Firstly, the crying stopped. Abruptly. Like turning off a tap.

And I caught THAT LOOK that I will never forget. Shock. Eyebrows raised. Surprise. Wonder … and would you believe it … JOY!

Yes JOY … and more JOY … and more JOY still! Violet stood surrounded by blood on the floor and smiling the biggest smile you could ever see on a 6-year-old child.

This had to be THE BEST moment of her life so far! How she had longed to lose one of those front teeth. The partner tooth which remained intact was the one she was intend on losing. She would wriggle it and try to loosen it but to no avail.

Now here was a tooth that she had not counted on losing … YET … knocked out in one foul blow by a sister’s knee in doing hi-jinks on the bed in the dark.

The four of us joined in the rejoicing (how was it possible that blood curdling screams could turn into such joy?!) Geoff and I looked at each other in sheer relief. No visits now to the hospital. The tongue was clearly in one piece minus a small cut where she had bitten it.

Her happiness extended to a visit to the bathroom to inspect the missing tooth in the mirror. She was now longing for Mum to return to show her the gap which was her pride and joy. Oh and don’t forget the joy of the Tooth Fairy too but then again … where WAS the tooth? No Tooth Fairy without a tooth!

This tooth fairy adding to her collection looks a bit mean.

This tooth fairy adds to her collection but she looks a bit mean?

A  search for the missing tooth began. I feared that Violet had swallowed it. But no. There,  lying discarded on the rug in Violet’s room, lay the little lone tooth just waiting to be discovered.

Now the Tooth Fairy must have a note to put with the tooth to be placed under Violet’s pillow. You see, the mysterious Tooth Fairy would come and take it for her collection in the North Pole (near Santa’s place I suspect) for Violet assured me the TF had a massive collection ‘up there.’

The saga is over now. Mum has returned home.

The smiling gap-toothed Violet has revealed the delight of the missing tooth to her mother.

The $5 note that the Tooth Fairy (aka Grandma) provided was far more generous than the usual amount. But let’s face it … it was a small price to pay for not having to spend half the night in emergency getting a tongue stitched back together again wasn’t it?

No, I will not easily forget the Saga of the Friday night Blood Bath. Indeed, who could have believed that such a tragedy  would all turn out so well … and lead to such JOY?