Scan10011Day 336 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Jessica aged 12, says: “this picture describes wellbeing because it is all about Father Christmas sharing out presents. I believe that sharing is the right thing to do and this picture shows that quality.”


Hello all

Welcome to December folks! Only 30 days to go of blogging every day. Wow, how did I do it? ‘One day at a time’ as the alcoholics who stay off the drink always say. And my last picture for the year reminds us all to share …

Today I have woken up at my daughters beautiful home as Geoff and I are child-minding while Maria has some time away. I love staying here because I am forced out of my routine and do things differently. Geoff has gone home for the day as the Big Bathroom Demolition continues: the new bathroom commences Monday. 

In the meantime, I love the books Maria has scattered in select places around her home. Stylish, beautiful books that is. I bought my Book Club book to read but how can I read it when I am surrounded by such beautiful things … especially books which nurture the spirit with their loveliness?

 Earlier today, Alice, Violet and I trudged up a fairly steep hill in the heat of the day to take Alice to a friend’s birthday party. I had no car and thought it would be easy enough to walk Alice to her friend’s house but I had not reckoned on the heat just before noon.

The beautiful Poinciniana trees

The beautiful Poinciniana trees

In fact, the sky was blue and beautiful and as we walked as were surrounded everywhere by those beautiful flowering poinciana trees that are out in varying hues of red at the moment. Old men doing their gardens turned to wish us a good day as we passed and even a motorist stopped in the middle of the street to let us cross.

It seemed that the day was being kind to us as Alice and Violet went ahead on their scooters while yells of “Hurry up Grandma” came echoing down the hill at a poor old Grandmother who was struggling to keep up with those on wheels!  I almost wished I was one of those old dears that has a motorised scooter … who would have been yelling at who then?

Glad to be home and out of the heat at last, Violet and I collapsed in a heap in the shade and munched on ice blocks to restore us. Then we headed for the couch; she to watch TV and me to lose myself in one of Maria’s beautiful books. The one sitting on the table next to the couch looked interesting.

Called “my heart wanders” by Pia Jane Bijkerk, it is a book which features photography first and foremost with the story  coming in second. The subtitle reads: “A celebration of taking risks, letting go and making a home wherever you are.” This was my kind of book. I was hooked!

MHW_blogbuttontop1The book states that Pia is “an internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer and author specialising in interiors, still life and food.” But because I love finding out about people, I was able to read of Pia’s journey to find herself after a relationship breakdown. It takes her to Paris (and a man called Romaine). By the end of the book they are living in Amsterdam on a houseboat.

I updated the next piece on the internet as the book did not tell me what happened with Romaine. My romantic heart simply HAD to know so it was absolutely necessary to complete the story and find the ending folks. Now they live in Australia and have a little girl called Laly. Find out more about Pia on:

Today I have become immersed in Pia and Romaine’s story and I understand how she had reached a folk in the road and she had to choose which way to go. All of us are like that at times whether we realise it or not. 

Depending on the choice we make depends how our life will continue. She decided to be wide-eyed and open to all possibilities just as we should be also. And then let our heart (inner knowing) take us where we need to go. That’s what I’ve done today and it has nourished my soul.

It would be remiss of me to finish without leaving you with this snippet from the back of ‘my heart wanders.’

“Four years ago something very peculiar happened.

…my heart wandered

It simply packed its suitcase and wandered away. I wrote it a letter in heart language but it never responded. So what does one do when one’s heart wanders?

… follow. For being without a heart is to be no longer alive.

As I went searching for my heart, I learnt that it intuitively knows what to do and where to go and I learnt that it wandered for a very special reason.

And so, as I travelled in search of my heart, I caught glimpses of it everywhere – little signs of it in the streets, in the landscapes, in my work and in the homes that I visited.

And then … I saw my heart amongst you.”

Until tomorrow …