Day 331 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

First of all let me say that it is my son Daniel’s birthday today and as is usual, I need to make him the Star of my Blog. However, as men do not like too much sentimentality, I will be including lots of photos as well.

Here is Daniel aged two: such a cutie

Looking for photos led me on a trip down memory lane earlier today. I have had a load of fun! All thanks to this dear baby/boy/man who came into our lives 37 years ago today and delighted us with his presence. I don’t think a day went by when young Dan was not entertaining all of us one way or another.

Yes, life was never dull with Daniel around and I am sure his wife would tell you the same thing to this very day. Only now he has his own son (Isaac 3) and of course little Madeleine who was born two weeks ago. I hope his two children give him as much entertainment and pleasure as Dan has given us!

I know I say it often: that I have been blessed with both my children, and I mean it most sincerely. The doctors told me Maria would not survive her birth. Surprise surprise! She did and showed them a thing or two!

When I was pregnant with Daniel, he seemed fated to go the way of the four other little ones I had lost between 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, despite an operation for some repair and then the miraculous insertion of a stitch in the cervix.

But Dan pretty much showed the doctors a thing or two as well and after 15 weeks, all bleeding stopped and our little boy went on to full term, weighing in at a little more than his own daughter, at 6 lb 14 ozs.

Daniel today with Belinda and Geoff and me.

I cannot begin to tell you how I viewed his birth as an amazing miracle. I had almost given up believing that it was possible for me to have a second child. Having a girl and a boy seemed like so much happiness that I could hardly contain myself. It was a time of great joy.

One of my fondest memory is of Daniel at about 5 months of age barking at me like a dog whenever I reprimanded him for anything, eg I would say: “don’t touch!” and this would produce a spate of barking. I should have known that this proclivity to making noises would continue on throughout his childhood!

During middle school, bird noises were his favourite and for this reason, Daniel was nicknamed “Bird” by his mates. At this stage, I introduced him to cricket so he became a cricket tragic then and continues so to this very day. But he loved anything to do with sport and I called our backyard “Allsports” because it contained all of his  sports activities.

He had a basketball hoop, a wire netting to stop the ball when he was doing his bowling practice, a hole in the lawn with a tin in it for practicing golf putting and at times he was always looking for someone to play badminton with him as well. Batting practice was another favourite. He was always highly competitive and when we played Chinese Checkers every night after tea he loved to beat me.

When Daniel wasn’t playing sport, he was watching it on TV so it was no surprise when he did a degree of Leisure Management in which sport factored heavily in the mix. Today, he is part owner in a string of gyms which encompass both his love of activity and business. Two things he is very good at doing.

Here is the book online

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Daniel’s favourite book when he was a small boy. It was called Cowboy Dan and Daniel loved this book to the point where it had to be read to him every night before he went to sleep. Because I have a gift for the dramatic, I would read it with vim and vigour and Dan loved it.

There was one part that had to be repeated after each little story and Dan would join in the verse. It went like this:

I’m a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy and my name is cowboy Dan; I can ride a horse and rope a steer as fast as any man.”

And Daniel would say “Read it again Mummy!” Heaven help if Daddy was reading it because Daddy could never keep awake once he started, so Daniel would call out “Mummy, come and read Cowboy Dan!” Oh it was funny and we still laugh about Cowboy Dan to this day. I see you can buy it online now as a vintage book for $80!

One more thing and then I’ll finish. Before Daniel started school he lived in his Batman suit and it was always hard to get it off him so he could have a bath at night. The poor suit has survived but what a sore and sorry state it is in now, all battered and full of ingrained dirt! Dan dreamed big when he was in his Batman suit, but he did have a cowboy suit also which was also well loved.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! We love  you and hope you have a great day …

And now I will leave you with a few favourite pictures of our son Daniel Geoffrey Ross.

A favourite photo of Dan at school in about Grade 1

Daniel aged seven on my birthday in 1982

Dan with his new bike aged around 15yrs

Graduating from university at about 20 yrs of age

Dan and Belinda circa 1995 Dan is about 20 and Belinda 18