Day 328 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

You’ll have to forgive me today folks but I’m all on edge this afternoon and it’s not because I’m feeling stressed. I am actually uptight from watching a murder mystery after lunch that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Now I can’t unwind!

And Geoff, who normally watches the first part of the murder mystery, then promptly falls asleep for the next 20 minutes or so only to wake up and watch the end of the mystery, has not fallen asleep today.

Normally, you could say he has the best end of the deal. He gets the idea of the murder … falls asleep and then he sees it being solved. What more could a man want? Just leave out the detail and he’s happy.

Crazy I know, but this happens so often that I don’t even get fazed by it anymore. And this NEVER happens to me because someone has to stay awake to fill in the middle section to the sleepy head or else he won’t know the ‘ins and the outs’ of it!

But still, we really are addicted to these English TV murder shows which normally last an hour but today’s was a true test of Geoff’s endurance as it lasted an hour and a half.

Love Inspector Barnaby

But he did not fall asleep today because that edge was there keeping him alert and on his toes. In all fairness to Geoff, he does do a lot of  physical work and he doesn’t always sleep well in the night so he catches up by having a ‘Nana-nap.’

As for me, I like watching something soothing and I normally will not watch anything gruesome so it is amazing that I’ve become addicted to these murder shows. The thing is, neither of us ever take them seriously.

One English show we love is Midsomer Murders with Inspector Barnaby. People start dropping likes flies in this TV show. I would hate to live in the imaginary town of Midsomer due to all these deaths! And for how many years now? Ten? More perhaps?

We like to work out who ‘DONE IT’ as it goes along, laughing at the craziness of it all. Loving every single silly minute of it.

Yes folks, as I told Geoff today, it is keeping our brains active; you know, keeping us from getting Alzheimer’s.  But today’s particular murder was not our usual style of murder mystery. It was gruesome and not nice and may give us Alzheimer’s!

It is the second series of this particular murder mystery and is called Wallander starring the well-known English actor Kevin Branagh as Kurt Wallander. We watched the first series and I can remember getting very frustrated with Kurt then.

But as six months has passed, my memory has dimmed a little and I have forgotten how annoying Wallander can be.  Honestly, who would want to be married to this man? He doesn’t communicate at all and can hardly string a sentence together. No wonder he has an ex-wife. And it looks like a new relationship that has started since the last series is about to go the same way.

Look how sombre he looks?

I want to get Kurt  and hit him over the head and tell him to get a life outside of solving crime. What is wrong with me? I’m not laughing! I find myself noting that Wallander hasn’t slept in 36 hours and surely he should go home and sleep or at least see his partner, but no! He is on the scent of the murderer and off he goes again for another 24 hours!

Now can you see why I am so edgy? Okay so it is only fiction but I want to reform him and make him human. I am incorrigible. I cannot help myself.

Now folks the TV series of Wallander is adapted from the Swedish novelist Henning-Mankell’s Kurt WALLANDER novels. My sources led me to this interesting statement: “it stars Kenneth Branagh as the eponymous police inspector”.

I am sure you are all asking: what does EPONYMOUS mean anyway? I had no idea so I looked up the meaning in the Australian Oxford Dictionary for you:

EPONYM: n. 1. A person (real or imaginary) after whom a discovery, invention, place, institution etc is names or thought to be named. 2. the name given; eponymous, name.

So, if you love reading you may have read the Wallander novels or you may wish to get hold of them and read them. It probably would be better than watching everyone speaking with an English accent whilst it’s clear that they are in Sweden! We are used to this now and we take no notice of the anomaly.

However, Wallander is still as annoying as ever and I don’t think he will ever change.

“It’s a blood curdling novel about the brutal murder of a publisher who rejected a book about the brutal murder of a publisher … “

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I may just have to throw in the towel and stop watching Kurt Wallander. At the end of the show today, Kurt and his new lady were having counselling because of his inability to acknowledge that she exists, so perhaps he is going to change?

But then again, as they are leaving the counselling session, he breaks the news to his new woman by saying (in as few words as possible, of course): “I’ve been to see this psychologist before.” The partner looks at him aghast and asks when? Oh, you can see what’s coming next when he answers:  “with my ex-wife“. The music then plays and the credits start rolling.

Oh no! Sorry Wallander, I don’t think you have a hope in Hades of making this new relationship work out on the strength of this show today … and I’m not sure I want to wait around to find out either.

But then again Wallander … like Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady … I think I may just be getting addicted to your face, annoying as it might be.