Day 324 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Well, it is Monday again and as I feel about the same as I did last Monday when I was climbing metaphorical mountains in trying to write my blog. You might note that I mentioned this phrase then and showed the picture of the couple on top of the mountain … rejoicing because they had reached the summit and were now looking down on the beautiful scene stretched out before them.

How was your Monday? Did you climb any metaphorical mountains?

Well, at the moment, I am only at the beginning of the mountain as I have only just started writing this post. I still have a long way to go yet folks! And just like last Monday, I am lacking in enthusiasm after spending Sunday with my brand new granddaughter Madeleine again. Let’s just blame her for my dilemma.

It seems such a long way to the top as I write. It occurred to me today that I only have 42 days left in which to write on this blog and thus fulfill the challenge I set for myself of writing every day. And you know what? You would think it would be getting easier right? Well, it is not.

In fact, because the goal is in sight, it is actually getting harder not easier. No one told me that this would happen! But if you think about it, any task that you set your mind to do, has this component within it. Once you are near the goal, you want to flee. It seems too hard …  but you don’t.

You put your nose to the grindstone and keep on going. Look closely folks because if you do, you will see me doing just that. Here I am writing and making a start.

In fact, today I have actually got fixated on watching Nigella Lawson cooking for the weekend (she needs no introduction: everyone knows Nigella surely?) and I came to my blog licking my lips because the meatloaf she was cooking did not look like any meatloaf that I have ever cooked. I wanted some right away.

BEFORE: Nigella a year ago

You do know that Nigella has lost a lot of weight don’t you? I’m not sure how she has though … if you saw the goose fat she used to cook the onions for her meatloaf. Then she put eggs in the middle of the meatloaf and wrapped up “her baby” (as she gave a seductive smile to the camera) with rashes of bacon and cooked it in the oven.

But there’s more … she also baked whole potatoes in the oven at the same time and then she made this delicious blue cheese dressing to serve over the top of the potatoes! Now you know WHY I am licking my lips? No wonder I can’t write on my blog. I am too busy thinking about food and researching Nigella to see what she looks like since she lost all that weight.

I have even LIKED her Facebook page so I can keep up with the recipes she puts on it (via her a lot of the time). As I adore cooking, I need to be close to someone else who also clearly adores cooking. And I don’t think this is an act either because when I have seen her interviewed she tells how her love for cooking and food led to her career.

She did not begin her career as a cook you know, but as a journalist and somehow she morphed into reviewing food. It was her first husband – John Diamond a journalist (he died in 2001) who talked her into writing a cookbook. Now can’t you tell that I have spent the last hour reading all about Nigella? I know everything there is to know.

Oh well, she may as well be the subject of this blog and help me on my trek because as I write, I think I am half-way up that mountain and I am beginning to feel a lot better now folks. In fact, I may well be closer to the summit than I realised. I do hope the view is going to be good once I get to the top.

Now I need to tell you a little about Nigella’s first and second books which really set her on the path to fame:

“In 1998, Lawson released her first cook book, How to Eat, selling 300,000 copies and becoming a bestseller. She wrote her second book in 2000, How to be a Domestic Goddess, winning the British Book Award for Author of the Year.”

Aaah … How to be a Domestic Goddess. What a great title for Nigella who, when she is filmed cooking, looks at the camera with that seductive look which means that even husbands do not mind watching (should I say it?) a cooking show! One site I read said: “Lawson’s sexy roundness mixed with her speed-demon technique makes cooking dinner with Nigella look like a prelude to an orgy.”

It certainly does but ‘nough said about that. Now about this weight loss. Nigella says it was the result of a double bunion operation. No. don’t leave the blog just yet for you heard right: a DOUBLE BUNION OPERATION! I wish it was that simple for everyone HOWEVER Nigella’s explanation of this is highly interesting:

“I couldn’t walk to the fridge afterwards (the operation). Actually, it’s quite a good diet; not because I stopped eating, but because you can say to someone, “Can you get me a slice of cake?” but it’s kind of embarrassing to say, “And now could you get me a second slice?”

AFTER: Nigella looking good now

So now Nigella is a size 12 but I do believe she was also motivated to follow a diet plan after she lost the initial weight a year ago.

Seriously, Nigella is an amazing woman and has had her own metaphorical mountains to climb as she lost both her mother (when Nigella was 25)  and then her sister a little later, both to cancer. This was followed by her husband in 2001 when her children were still small. This is a woman who had not had an easy life so she has been a very good person to help me up my mountain today.

So there you have it. Thanks to Nigella Lawson I think I have reached the summit of my metaphorical mountain. It feels good to be here on the top folks. I love the view. I think I will sit down awhile and enjoy it.

If only there were some of Nigella’s meatloaf waiting for me here …