Photo of the eclipse this morning from a hot balloon over the Atherton Tablelands. Amazing photo!

Day 319 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I learned a lot about intuition today. It began with an early start at daybreak so we could watch the complete solar eclipse of the sun streamed live online from the Cairns area in North Queensland.

I am not going into a detailed description of the eclipse (which WAS wonderful I might add) but I did want to share with you a little about the effect on the wildlife up in North Queensland when “totality” hit (I am beginning to sound like one of those astronomy experts). I learned a lot of things today folks. I really did.

The Cairns Dome Zoo

For instance, there is a zoo on the top of the Cairns Casino called Cairns Wildlife Dome. Right in the heart of  the city! It appears to me to be a fascinating place and when we visited Cairns we had no idea it was there and wish we had gone.The Wildlife Dome website says:

 Cairns Wildlife Dome enables you to appreciate and understand the rainforest in more detail, offering a quality Australian wildlife experience that promotes education and understanding of rainforest ecology. You’ll be immersed in a rainforest environment whilst birds such as parrots, cockatoos, lorikeets, doves and rosellas fly freely around you.”

Sounds rather amazing doesn’t it? There are also wallabies and frogmouths, kookaburras as well as frogs, turtles, pythons and even freshwater crocodiles. Now, the Curator of the zoo was being interviewed about  the eclipse and he said that when the eclipse occurred and darkness struck, the poor birds who had just got up a couple of hours before, went back to roost.

This is a look inside of the Dome Zoo

He said the frogs and toads wondered what in the name of goodness was going on when the darkness came and were in total confusion. However, the koalas who sleep all day anyway, just slept right through the whole thing! Not sure about the crocodiles though, they never got a mention.

Another scientist was in Port Douglas (1 hour north of Cairns) doing research in the rainforest and he has been recording sounds for the last three days. He wants to see if the noises of the birds change over these three days to see if they “intuit” that the eclipse is coming.

I thought this was very interesting. But he found when the total eclipse came, the noise of the birds stopped suddenly and the birds all went back to nest (just as happened at The Dome Zoo). Within a few moments as the sun began to peep out from the moon, the birds started squawking loudly again as they thought it was daybreak AGAIN and they all got back up!

His comment made me laugh: “it was the shortest night in history for those birds!”

The tawny frogmouth woke up when it got dark as they hunt at night.

But he also said that birds are INTUITIVE and they simply KNOW within themselves when to go to bed and when to get up. Of course we all know this don’t we? Because we hear their loud chirping at daybreak and we know that once darkness hits, they go silent. Same with chickens if you keep them in your backyard.

It made me start thinking about this innate ability that animals possess to ‘intuit’ what they need to do at any given time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if us human beings, relied a little more on our intuition instead of being ‘gung-ho’ about everything that happens around us?

You know what I mean? Plunging right in where angels fear to tread. It made me aware that when we develop our spirituality we are actually developing our ability to ‘intuit’ what we should do. As we practice meditating (read here being mindful and still for a few minutes) we learn to make better decisions based on what we innately “know.”

Since I have been seeing my aryudevic natural therapist, she has been telling me what is good and not good for me to eat. Now, this is all very fine but we have both observed that when she names the food that is good for me, I usually go “Oh great, I love that!” And the opposite is also true.

This led Anjeleen to say to me: “Theresa, you intuitively know what you should be eating. That is wonderful! I wish more people would take notice and eat accordingly.” The thing is, I don’t think people have confidence enough in themselves to actually rely on intuition in this way, do you?

I know I didn’t, not in the area of food anyway … not until Anjeleen helped me to see it and this gave me confidence in my ability to discern. So how do we develop our intuition further? This is not easy to answer in one blog post my friends, but this piece below really spoke to me. I found it on

What would it mean if you could fine-tune this intuitive ability? Is it even possible? Well, it could and does mean a great deal – in so many areas of your life, including the level of stress you experience, the overall health you enjoy, your creativity, the myriad choices you make daily, and your success at school, work and in your relationships.

See, intuition is important because it is good for you! Isn’t that enough information to make us want to develop it further in our lives? It is so important that I am going to be writing more on this subject shortly. Watch for it.

But to begin with, I do hope I have got all of you ‘out there’ starting to think about INTUITION … compliments of the solar eclipse of the sun!  Who would have thought an eclipse could get me started on this subject? But I’m glad I have …

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

– Albert Einstein, 1879-1955