Day 317 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I have come to my blog late today. It has been a big day which included some minding of our grandson Isaac and I have commenced two different posts but after a few paragraphs I have had to discard them and start again. Crazy, isn’t it?

So I’m not the first person to have writer’s block eh?

Two euphoric days and much creativity since my granddaughter Madeleine was born on Saturday has left me flat. Now as the shadows lengthen over our yard, Isaac’s toys have been picked up and put away, I just want to sit and contemplate the day. I am content really but writing on my blog is about the last thing in the world I want to do!

As Geoff cooks tea I am sitting here at my computer. Wasting time really. It is not often I ask Geoff to cook tea so I can write, but when I do I would at least like to be productive. But producing nothing? That is downright annoying and frustrating!

I realise that when I made a commitment to blog every day of 2012 – 366 days in fact – I said “even if it only for five minutes!” I haven’t really had to make a call on this very often for I simply LOVE to write and nothing pleases me more than finding a topic and getting started.

But today … ?  No luck. So what I am going to do next folks, is to give you some pictures which I want to share. The first one is from my Facebook news feed which I came across today:


How was your Monday? Did you climb any metaphorical mountains?

Perhaps I am trying to climb metaphorical mountains in trying to complete my blog today! It is interesting that I should be writing about maintains because I spent some time this morning looking at photos of many beautiful mountains in New Zealand which my neighbour visited last month and which she has now turned into a magnificent photo book online.

All of these next photos came from the Australian Geographic which sends regular emails from their photographers.This series is from Western Australia, taken by five different photographers. They are stunning!

Grass trees in Bridgetown (south Western Australia)
These stout grass trees stand solidly sentinel at dusk.

Walpole Jetty. Western Australia
Obviously, the victim of an artist, Walpole Jetty is colourful against the still water.


Stirling Range, Western Australia
The looming shapes of faraway mountains. Beautiful isn’t it?

Pemberton’s (WA) karri trees are famous for their fire lookouts, which were constructed at the top, mainly during the 1930s and 1940s. You can still climb many of these trees today.

Wyadup Beach, Western Australia

“Near the better known Canal Rocks, Wyadup beach has a similar form with those classic orange coloured rocks. In the centre of the formation is a small canyon which, when the tide is right, is filled by a wave-fueled cascade, seen here to the left of the frame,” says Nick. “The ebb and flow of the waves creating this little river can be quite mesmerising.”

Beedalup Mist
In the early morning mist rises off of Lake Beedelup near Pemberton.

Until tommorw …