Day 316 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I have had a big day today and am finally home from visiting Belinda, Daniel and their new baby at the Mater Hospital. It was a lovely visit but I think I can best tell it to you by way of a verse.

So, as I sit here at the computer trying to compose my thoughts, I have written this verse for you all. Enjoy!

Meeting Madeleine

 I met my new granddaughter Madeleine today

And yet we needed no introduction really

Because I feel I have known her these nine months gone

I have watched her grow big and strong within her mother’s womb

I am sure she knew my loud booming voice, heard from time to time

She would know all the family voices: Mummy, Daddy and Isaac

Two Grandmas, Grandad and Bampy too

But there is a difference in meeting face to face for the first time

Not for her perhaps; but definitely for us

But for a while it seemed that we were not to have a hold today

It would have to be enough just to see her face.


 I met my new granddaughter Madeleine today

Sleeping so content …

She lay content in her crib when we walked into the room

And she kept right on sleeping despite our conversations

With Remembrance Day now upon us

A loud PA system voice boomed out at 11am on this 11th of November

And still she kept on sleeping

I thought things would change when the bugle played the Last Post

And us adults were nearly deafened by the blasts

But no, not a peep came from little Madeleine

She was not interested in Remembrance Day

Or the noise that it brought

There was only time for sleep.


 I met my new granddaughter Madeleine today

And soon after her brother Isaac arrived with Grandma Pat and Grandad

Bedlam hit the room in spades

But still Madeleine did not awake …

Isaac peered into the crib and made an announcement:

“Madeleine Eva” he said when the question was asked of him

And still she slept on …

But Isaac had seen enough of little sisters

Conversation and kisses with Mummy were far more interesting

“So this is where you’ve been!” he seemed to say as she lay in bed

Time to lay still beside her and make up for time lost in the night

When cries for “Mummy, Mummy” brought only Grandma Pat instead

Time to open a gift brought for Madeleine and see what treasure lay within

Time with Daddy to be caught up in arms so strong

To view the world from a higher place

And gaze at little Madeleine down below in her crib

Content and fast asleep.


 I met my new granddaughter Madeleine today

But despite the buzz of conversation as adults talked and laughed

A young Isaac, not sure exactly what was really going on

An action shot!

Laughed and played with a favoured toy upon the floor

 Madeleine could not manage one peek to check it out

For still she slept.

It seemed that hugs and holds were not to be

So we headed for coffee down below

Time for the new mother to gain her strength and rest awhile

And time for grandparents to share and laugh

To rejoice over what had come to pass … only yesterday

And to care awhile for a puzzled boy who did not comprehend

It was then the unexpected happened.


The grandmothers now resigned to the sleeping babe

Tiptoed back into the room so dim with blinds drawn tight

And there all alone, lay a wriggling little Madeleine

A whimper came from deep within the crib

As mother was otherwise disposed and gone

So grandmothers who had waited  long

Took the law in their own hands

And with a deftness born of past experience

Lifted little Madeleine from her crib

And nursed and held to hearts content

Then mother came … and simply smiled

At the  two grandmothers now content

For finally, after waiting for the chance

They had truly ‘met’ their new granddaughter Madeleine today …

Grandma Pipi (Tess)

Grandma Pat