Day 313 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Geoff and I were discussing our travels around Queensland early today. We had our cup of tea in our hands as we sat up in bed looking out of our large windows at the gentle rain that was falling on the trees and garden outside our window.

Rain that we welcomed after so much dry weather that turned our once lush lawn, brown and listless. It saddens me to see the lawn  reminding me every day, that as much as we live in an amazing country, it is also a  land of drought too.

Off we go …

Travelling around Queensland (yesterday’s blog) in 2005 gave us a broader experience of  the place where we live, and an understanding of what is happening out in the country. There are so many older retired people travelling (we call Grey Nomads) that Caravan Parks are always full and have become expensive places to stay. Free parks are popping up everywhere and they are full too.

However, I do know that you need to be resilient to be travelling ‘on the road’ and as much as this is a holiday, it is also hard work too.

Don’t you just love travelling? You plan the adventure, you look forward to it for months, discuss it endlessly with your partner and with any friends who are willing to listen (usually campers themselves) and then it happens and you are unprepared for all the hard work it involves.

Then, when you return home and you look back on it, you tell everyone what a wonderful time you had, as if the hard work never happened! And then, seven years later as in this case, you find your Travel Journal and read about it and laugh out loud at all you endured and say “How wonderful was that?”

Oh folks, we all have such short memories, but let’s remember this one thing: to enjoy life requires EFFORT. Nothing comes to us easily and if we stay in our little rut and never go or do anything out of the ordinary, we never challenge ourselves to see what we are made of.

But, what I like best of all, is the feeling that I get when life has cost me a lot of effort. I FEEL WONDERFUL! As if I have been reinvigorated by it all. And yes, I feel RE-CREATED (as in recreation). Some part of me feels better and renewed for having been subjected to all those trials.

Today I share with you all how travelling is hard work. Tomorrow I will share a little about the other side to this coin: the good times and experiences that go hand in hand with all that effort!

Enjoy this selection from my 2005 Travel Journal, it is quite funny I think:

“You have to be flexible to live life on the road. “Go with the flow” as I said to Geoff. You’re tired, the gas lighter fails to light the lamp. You can’t find the torch and then when you do, you discover the batteries are about to go, so you fiddle around for your mobile phone in the dark, trying to find the unlock buttons in order to use the mobile’s torch.

In the meantime, the delay has caused you to make an urgent dash to the Ladies which you discover is further away than you thought … yes well, you know what that means! And you haven’t eaten yet and you’re not sure you even want to eat now, but gee, baked beans are sounding awfully good.

You rummage amongst the food items but find spaghetti instead and quickly change your plans. Once you’ve eaten, you decide you’re too tired to battle the shower that keeps going cold and the door that you cannot get out of without going back into the shower recess and getting your shoes all wet.

So you get out one of those wet towelette things and have a quick lick and a promise and tell yourself you’ll brave the showers in the morning when you have fresh reserves of energy. So, you climb up on the ladder that gets you to bed and you hobble over your husband, sound asleep on the edge of the bed, and land on the other side where you discover you can’t get under the covers because dear one is sleeping on TOP of the top sheet. Drat!

Push and shove and at last, you’re in bed and you sigh and say to yourself: “isn’t this FUN!” (You have to say this or else you’ll never get up and do it all again the next day, as you’ve only been on the road one week and you have another three to go).

Once in bed, you reach for your little radio for some entertainment and hear McGrath coming in to bowl to Caddish and think: “Oh no, not the cricket!!” (the last thing you feel like listening to) and so you lie there and listen to the sounds of the night and finally in desperation you fall asleep.

You’ve survived another day on the road! “

For the other side of the coin, join me tomorrow …